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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

For the Archive | Football World Cup 2014

Hilarious for many...

But the First Semi Final have offered me a comic relief to share with all my friends and Gen Next for the years I will stroll this planet.

Miroslav Klose, the man who scored his 16th, over took Ronaldo to create a new platform of scoring goals in World Cup history. As it happen, I took a snapshot and was about to put on my facebook Wall. An in action (but hazy) picture of the Ball getting past the Brazilian Last Line and across the Goal line. As I was processing the image, I heard the commentators shout! 3:0. Remember, Klose's 16th made the score 2:0. It was just a few seconds.. Very few seconds. I peeped through the screen, it was 3:0. Well. Brazil would be losing for sure... but what followed next was really inexplicable.

My broadband was fast to upload the processed image. I clicked back into the full screen and the score line was 4:0. Amazing. At the moment, I was mused with the incidence... But then Brazil lost the game 7:1. A scoreline, that not many expected for this gigantic name in the World of Soccer. As it is... since the era of International football in 1914 it has never been so. So, it was a moment in history and I am proud that I can archive it as well...

As for the religion of football, its a beautiful game. A game that brings back every one... to their roots, digitally, verbally and even physically. Its a game of guts, gust and lust!

WC 2014 will be memorable, since it is the WC that I could follow without any exams or any thing lurking behind. Maradona is the name that developed my Loyalty to Argentina. It was back in 1986, when I remember vaguely my Dad dance with his local friends, taking me to the tunes of Bengal's traditional drums... Dhaak...

1990... I did develop some senses to identify the happiness... It was then I recognized the curly haired Maradona.

24 years... its a long time wait. Today, Argentina will face off with the Dutch. The world looks towards the magic  of LM10 (Messi). But the flying Dutch will be hard to tame.

For the archives. Argentina Vs Netherlands.

Pray the sky gets Azure even at Sunset!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Recuerdos lloran "Orkut"

Memories Cry...

The first ever stampede of social media vibes, the scraps that were then digital... The scribbles that made testimonials, craving for more fun every night, near the computer. The start of the Social Networking Age... The protagonist, the pioneer will expire on September 30, 2014. I came to know it from it's murderer, the Facebook share.

Many memories will linger around; hence, I make my little effort to recollect some and put up the last image of my Orkut Homepage for the Archives.

Back in 2005, the craze came into my life. A place where the social networking was buzzing and my college mates introduced me to it. Initially it was hard but then the meaning of the Wall and the Scraps became more succulent. New friends... good looking and you always have that freedom to change your name and announce of being a Rock Star, a Cool Dumb head... I remember, I once renamed my profile name with Mr. Xhang-- The Warrior. A request from my student (who apparently is a doc now).

But then, there were good feelings too. The first ever sentence conveyed to my life partner was through the Wall. We had our classes together, but never spoke to her for 1 years... but then Orkut Wall was so very good, throwing back all the inhibitions...and then the story is known by the world around.

Orkut. A Social Networking Pioneer. My last profile pic and wall paper is here for the Archives; as long as the blogspot exists; I guess. I will not say I will miss you, because I seldom visited you after the advent of Facebook... I admit. But you had been a good teacher and that is what I shall remember about you.


Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Cuspless Cup.

Never know why it's called the World Cup. A trophy would better suited given the modern perspective when the cusp within the cup has been replaced. Yet, Brazil wins it more than any other country, in the World of Football and to look into the fact, a combined population of humans might be higher in the Northern Hemisphere, but Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and also Australia to some extent has more World Cups (Football and Cricket) pulled into the Southern Hemisphere. Being an Indian, the last time the nation got a chance to play in this prestigious event was nearly a decade before my birth; but when ever the knowledge of the game befitted my senses... It had been only one name: Argentina... Maradona. 

24 years ago, 1990, the blue brigade crossed the hurdle of the Quarters. They lost out eventually to West Germany, the ultimate winners of the cup in the Finale. Then again... every time it has been so. I have been very jittery with the fact that Argentina faces the Germans. In 2006, Ayala scored a beauty within the 11th minute or so, of the match. Lahm took the momentum away with the pace from the wings, I guess Ballack made it through. Then Miroslav Klose closed the chapter with his header. My second best overthrew the facvorites from the Quarters.

24 years.

24 years have been going around for quite a long time, prior to teh WC. It's said... Brazil's 4th was after 24 years. So was Italy's... This time it's Germany on the verge of getting 4th title.... as it's 24 for them... But... the magic of 24 gets initiated by Argentina... so it's 28 years... the 3rd to be Blue-White...

Pray... so!

Somnath Paul Photography


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