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A Visit to Eden | Kerala

Mushroomed through out the landscape; the coconut and banana shades blends in with the eye soothing patches of greenery. Undoubtedly, self proclaimed as "God's Own Country", the state stole my awe, even though it was my second visit. As it is said, vision is the most beautiful wonder that the creator installed beneath the forehead of every animal, the slim state of India remains as one of my favorite destinations, of the several places I had paid a visit in these three decades of my survival.

                     This was my second visit to this well known, internationally acclaimed region of the Indian sub-continent. Kerala.Since 2007, when I visited the place for the first time; a lot of winds have blown across the green landscape. This time though, I had a career commitment to make. The 16th All India Congress of Cytology and Genetics (aka AICCG) asked for some scientific acumen to be spent, in exchange of some sporadic trips to the in and around of o…