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The Rain.

The horses neighs on being pulled by their reins, life needs a RAIN to achieve the calmness in a the fast rat race.

I love walking in the Rain. I love believing that its the best place to shed your tears whence you have no one to fall back upon. It wipes your tears, washed your face, feeds you cool; Soul and Body; and then above all you cry in this space without letting any one know and consequently taking advantage on that.

I dont know how to deal with the matters that come up now ad again, but the only thing that I know, is fire ravaging the plains of my heart and soul, charring my whole existence at the moment. ONLY I can help the situation to cool down, but I need my very close friend: THE RAIN. The Rain God seems wary of my home city. Its dusty and dry with another "d", the death looming hot over the pedestrians. I feel pressed up and squeezed out of life, standing unlit beside the Roadside fence, unable to light up at Dusk!

I despise myself some times. I despise my unders…

The Yo! Yo!

The fading memories beams out fresh in the tired mind, where the neurons have nothing else to do, but extract the juice from the past and rejuvenate. What happened to the info-media? There are lots of programs on the channel! How about watching movie in a power cut? That too in our house and the one beside and others enjoy the various soaps in the various channels all over. Pathetic!

It was way back in my Montessori days, I guess in 1988. I went out with my grand mom to a relative's place. My mom had certain daily chores to complete, before she can go to the market to buy something or the other! [What was it, I dont remember].

Back then, most of the locality were fed with Direct Current (DC). Hence, power failure was a daily bread and butter for us. It was a hot evening, as far as I could remember and with the dusk was followed by the night fast, myself and grandmom made our way back.

We hoped that mom had returned, but some how the floor was darkened and she seemed not to be back. D…

The Bengal Conspiracy.

West Bengal, India. Once designated as the most hassle-less state of the country, having the greatest intellects in the nation, is now facing one of the largest conspiracy of recent world affairs.

Lalgar in West Bengal stands a testimony to the troubled state under the regime of long established government and the protest of the in-flexible opposition. The inflexibility has gained in momentum, after a sumptuous win in the recently concluded Union Election, where for the first time had the state run power, the CPM faced such a down fall in the past 32 years. Those are common stories, that can be met on within my blog in the March-May editions.

This time the situation is grim. With Mr. Chatradhar Mahato leading the Anti-police/ authority regime in Lalgarh and parts of Jhargram in Medinipur, the Naxalites, declared banned organisation in various states (except West Bengal) have gained in momemtum in a fight against the state run government. With the Naxalites or Maoists as called commonly,…

The Fall of Mighty Australians.

May be our neighboring country paid gratitude to India, for the Indian help during the Prabhakaran Campaign, by dumping Australia out of the T20 World Championship. But the fall would have been well grafted, had Indians delivered the knock out punch, rather than Sangakara, SL.

The reason to say such things is simple. Avenge to what the Australians are doing to the Indian students down under. They deserve no mercy, and have not be spared one! The dogs are better off in the Kennel, Down Under!

Nature TM

Natural Beauty and Studio Set-Up might seem analogous in the lens, but in truth, nature is for the longer run, while studio is dynamically changing. A known accepted Old Ragged concept.

But when you sit at the sea shore, trying to draw your name on the wet sand, hoping that the waves will not erase them at least once, drawing it deep...very very deep, trying to keep the waves at bay, building small dikes around your name, can you keep the water over run the name for long? One try, two try.... it washed the name from the "face of the earth", practically. Does that justify the sea to be malice?!

The sky seems blue, covering up the stars and the nebulae. At night, the transparency embeds millions of "diamonds in the sky". Ethereal, but standing in the open field, you can have a look no better that out there in the cosmos. But enjoy it on the ground, why? Because of transparency.

Relationships should pay such an attention. Irony to what you say would justify you to be cal…

Happy Fourth Anniversary

June 3rd, 2006:

I started the blog, getting inspired by many of my friends. Finding no other means, I just fitted in something, which I was both the student as well as teacher. I wrote something on Pace Maker Tissue of the Heart. With aspiration in heart to become a life science teacher and thriving at the pinnacle of tutor success, this topic did fit the occassion perfectly.
Marking 2006 as a bench mark to describe my ambition, it takes just four years to shape life. In between, the blog has encountered many names, starting from Somnath's World to Alleys of the Twisted Brain, to Random Thoughts; this now rests and hopefully will retain and justify it's name of Canonical Cacophony.

June 3rd, 2009:

I was busy fixing deals with international clients, never even having the streak of becoming a school teacher and a private tutor left in my approach. An average working man, with big dreams. Something like investing in a Bar is always on the Cards! So, my friends who do have a similar …