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Story of a Little Indian State: Himachal Pradesh (Part 3)

In this article, I shall love to boast like several Indians, that I have had touched history; meeting it upclose and personal.
After the previous day's bitter experience during the trip to Fagu and Chail, where, unfortunately for the clouds we couldn't absorb any beauty of the places mentioned, the bus driver presented us a platter full of wavy experiences, driving the coach like a mad man. I have had taken the bus ride round the wavy mountain terrains, but never felt so bad.
Hence, Day 2's trip to Naldegra was cancelled and I planned a historical trip. Heard about its beauty from the various shows conducted in the Discovery Channel or the History Channel. Read about it's significance, making the scars on the subcontinent prominent. We were about to visit the Shimla House (as commonly known as); but in original, its the Viceroy's House. The house, where the great Indian subcontinent was torn apart by the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League, under the su…

Story of a Little Indian State: Himachal Pradesh (Part 2)

From my previous snippets of the trip, I had reached Shimla, with my mom. The day was 1st October, 2011. Back in Kolkata, Pujas was just starting!
From the station, we hired a cab. Still skeptical about the choice of the hotel, because it is for this place, I had quite a bitter experience with, with whom I had initially booked, but they let me down. Firstly, they couldn't confirm the hotel of my choice: Hotel Gulmarg. Secondly, they provided us accommodating with another Hotel, Hotel Sun n Snow, but there too they failed to confirm our stay. Pissed off and after uselessly spending over 500 rupees for the Mumbai STD at the Travelguru office, I cancelled the booking. I found their representatives rude and un-proffessional  bunch of hooligans!
Anyways, after a history of dallying around, I booked a room in Hotel Doegar (Click here). Pretty nice hotel. Bit expensive, but the people are really warm in behavior! I paid a part of our stay as a token of booking from their …

Story of a Little Indian State: Himachal Pradesh. (Part 1)

Little as it may look, the undulations of the lower Shivalik Range makes it a tall order... Tailor made but God Himself, Himachal Pradesh is all but boring!
It is a learning trip for me. The first time ever, I ventured with mom, all by ourselves. No relatives, no touring companies... unknown of the fate as to whether we will ever make it happily. Thank god, we did!
As the Cleartrip would say: Every trip has a reason, my reason were two; to mention. After 2007, it will be the first major trip for mom, who had been getting bored at home. Secondly, I wont get any more spans of such holidays in near future, thanks to PhD commitments, so it would be a good exercise for my Nikon D5000.
The planning started well ahead. In the month of June, 2011 for the October 2011 trip. There were several choices, like Madhya Pradesh; Rajasthan; etc... even thought of Arunachal Pradesh. Looking at the time leave of just lucky 10 days, it was impossible to browse through these places without an expert guid…