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Living Custody.

It had been a long wait...over a month, for a few documents to be set into place, so that I may take on the wings and move abroad. But may be, this time, it wasn't meant for me. Growth and age, through the several years, have taught us to be strong and have a brave heart to hope for more! So, I am obedient and am following that! In the mean time, there are plenty of work to be done and all will be pressing in hard and fast!
The dates are all fixed. It seems that coming November, I will be less at home and more out in the open space, roaming and doing my stuffs the best way possible. Camps to Bihar and Assam, during these weeks will be hard... Following will be some more drops of Vodka and Rum a home drawn conference. Dances and tangos will set the mood with my friend getting married, infact, two such marriages in line!  After that, there will some in-state camps...
With time. may be I will get indulged in these outings. But, I am missing you the most at these peace hours...when K…

Eid Mubarak.. Life in Calcutta.

After a long time, I was working all alone and was alone in the streets of my home town...the city with inexplicable memories, each and every nook and corner. The calender earmarked it with Eid. One of the pious festivities that the Islamic world celebrates with one singular voice: "Mubarak (congrats)". This world has traveled all the lexicons from the Mecca to the Macau... Arab to Phillipines... "Mubarak..Eid Mubarak".
31/8/11. A day, that I revisited the by-lanes of city. Those, that I was regular, at a time when everything was new with the freedom of becoming a High School kid! Then college, brought in those places, vividly. Today, Eid glittered the lights through those by-lanes, bypassing the present day's chores of a PhD scholar, to a regular Bengali, loving to walk through the streets of Calcutta..
It was some nominal chores at my work place.. feeding the bacteria on some new "food beds"; spinning down the DNA; frantically finding the primers for …