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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Loner.

Loner and Lover. Both has five letters, the first two and the last couple letters are the same for both; the difference comes in the middle. If you are "N"ot in love, then the n-factor creeps in, making its place. If you have a "V"alentine, the needless to mention where the V gets it's place! ... and that too, How!?

Come Valentine; and I am off with a very depressing tune. The depression comes when you have to satisfy your thoughts with the re-tracing your habit of playing with the manikins within the flash-player supported game on Facebook called Farmville! I did that on 11th Feb, 2011. I enjoyed it at the start, but with time and change of Network providers,  felt bored. Hence resorted to Blogging!

Life is full of transits. It so happened that I was walking by the streets of Vellore, when I spotted two children readily begging for some tea and cookies, beside a roadside, make shift tea stall. I felt very sad. Nor because the food that I asked to gulp down for two days at that instance, but felt the urge which may be hunger can bring to all human beings! After Laughter and Cry, this must be the third feeling that sounds (hunger-pangs) same in all humans! Out of the feeling, I bought two cakes from the stall and handed them over to them. The two almost faded across the horizon, the glow of the setting sun marking an end to the second day of the conference! Gosh! I never felt a transition like this before.

As I turned around, a pat or two touched my shoulder. A woman of mid fourties, came up and spoke to me in broken English which meant, Thank you for the aid, but I want my children to earn and not eat on donations. So I am returning you back the cakes. Wow! I was taken aback. Though process making the ultimate gateway to the factor called "Honor Living". Soldiers have that in the battle field; this lady was about to train her soldiers for the same. Am sure, they will rise and fade like the sun, that I moments ago admired!

Great thoughts!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeh Saali Life Hain! (WTF... This is Life!)

Analogous to the title of the recently released Bollywood Movie, which I had an opportunity of paid screening at Roxy on 8th Feb, 2011. The title, Yeh Saali Zindagi. The day also ear marked my home coming from Vellore, after attending the three day long conference at VIT, the Environmental Mutagen Society of India's annual conference, 2011 [in short; EMSI 2011].

I would like to draw in the attention of various travelers who wants to enjoy time with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A place that comes out remote, full of green and wild life. But before that I would like to mention that just as the wounds were fresh and paining with the Eden Gardens losing the first and only India match (against England) in the ICC WC 2011, an exciting news flashed the web world, that has already started to heal the wound. The link (click here), mentioned the possibility of arrival of Team Argentina, the soccer team (that will have likes of Lionel Messi, Tevez, etc) to play a friendly with the reigning champions Spain at Yuva Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake, Kolkata, India. The possible date, to be arranged by IFA is Sept 2011. But it could have been better if done in December 2011 as Septemder is Lag Monsoon season! In 2008 Maradona stepped here, so did Kahn, years ago Pele also stepped in this City of Joy / City of Palaces! The sports loving residents of Kolkata are surely loving it (even without McD! )

I would like to less of Science in here. The breathe that I enjoyed out there at Vellore was the greenery of the Campus. But the real part, enjoyed by Avisek (Friend from M.Sc years) and myself along with Debarun from NIT DGP, was on Sunday; the last day of the Conference, 6/2/2011.

We got up early and took an auto ride to Amirdhi Forest. Some people call it Amirthi (few because very few people know about it), but the real name is Amirdhi Forest Mini Zoo. It is 48Kms from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). You can take two routes:
1) Buses are there from the Vellore Fort Bus Stand (also called Old Bus Stand).
2) Take an auto. A ride up and down (make sure you take the to-fro option for lack of conveyance) will cos you dear, but the trip is worth the money, if you follow up ahead out trail. We took this option and it cost 3 of us (max ppl 4/auto) INR 700/- "only".

Amirdhi forest house a mini zoo. Never had I seen a Fox caged; this zoo has. One of the main attraction is a small water fall. Unfortunately, the way through the zoo to the site was sealed as three youths jumped to death a week ago of our visit (6/2/11). But when we have our determination and the madness to take some good snaps (as this was my first trip in 3 years, last such trip into forest was in 2008, Ghatshila).

The entrance of the zoo was up hill while a small road leads down to a stream beside the fence of the zoo. We sneaked the watchful eyes (it was 8:30AM and the security personnel were off guard, somehow) and moved across the fence into the non-metaled road. We touched the cool waters of the stream, drenched out of the gravel laden rocks of the mountain. Upstream is the above mentioned falls. Upstream, through this rocky path, its 5KMS. Time permitted us only 3Kms. But the journey was really great! I didn't even hesitate to wet my shoes, as I was so excited. Here are some samplers for the eyes.

All the above pics and many more can be viewed in facebook also. But we three "Musketeers" enjoyed a lot! Amirdhi Forest is a culmination of factors that brings out the beauty of RAW nature! A nice hour long drive from Vellore. This is a must to go places if you are at VIT / Vellore / CMC Vellore.

(l-r): Myself, Avisek and Debarun.

Somnath Paul Photography


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