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A Day in the Life of a Loner.

Loner and Lover. Both has five letters, the first two and the last couple letters are the same for both; the difference comes in the middle. If you are "N"ot in love, then the n-factor creeps in, making its place. If you have a "V"alentine, the needless to mention where the V gets it's place! ... and that too, How!?
Come Valentine; and I am off with a very depressing tune. The depression comes when you have to satisfy your thoughts with the re-tracing your habit of playing with the manikins within the flash-player supported game on Facebook called Farmville! I did that on 11th Feb, 2011. I enjoyed it at the start, but with time and change of Network providers,  felt bored. Hence resorted to Blogging!
Life is full of transits. It so happened that I was walking by the streets of Vellore, when I spotted two children readily begging for some tea and cookies, beside a roadside, make shift tea stall. I felt very sad. Nor because the food that I asked to gulp down for t…

Yeh Saali Life Hain! (WTF... This is Life!)

Analogous to the title of the recently released Bollywood Movie, which I had an opportunity of paid screening at Roxy on 8th Feb, 2011. The title, Yeh Saali Zindagi. The day also ear marked my home coming from Vellore, after attending the three day long conference at VIT, the Environmental Mutagen Society of India's annual conference, 2011 [in short; EMSI 2011].
I would like to draw in the attention of various travelers who wants to enjoy time with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A place that comes out remote, full of green and wild life. But before that I would like to mention that just as the wounds were fresh and paining with the Eden Gardens losing the first and only India match (against England) in the ICC WC 2011, an exciting news flashed the web world, that has already started to heal the wound. The link (click here), mentioned the possibility of arrival of Team Argentina, the soccer team (that will have likes of Lionel Messi, Tevez, etc) to play a …