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The Ancient Code, Part 1: The Turtle God

Across cultures and traditions, turtle and/or tortoise appears in various forms with great powers and miraculous stories. But being a relentless thinker in the concept of ancient aliens, do they have a different story to be foretold and interpreted? Today I start a new series in my blog, "The Ancient Code", where I shall try to put forward my interpretation of the ancient culture and myths. Myths that might have some other interpretation, awaiting to be unraveled through the veil of time immemorial.
Part 1: The Turtle God. Since childhood, I have been listening to the Indian mythological stories of which the "Samudra Manthan" was one of the classical example of and me the first ever tug of war known to have taken place in the immortal platform placed between heaven and hell; the Earth. In this story, the good and the evil tried their best to get the amrit after churning the ocean using the Mandara resting on the back of Kurma, the mythological turtle, avatar of Lor…

The Plasmodium Injunction

A relapse or not, this is the second time in two years I have been kissed by the dreaded female (read anopheles) to fall back and follow the injunction to refrain all my activities for some "good" motif... get well!
And in these dreaded hours I became more health conscious (to relief of many) and craved for the 26th element of the Moseley's platter. Even Steve Jobs would loved to make me the brand ambassador for the bites I made, resembling his logo; so what you have to sell your kidney to buy the iPhone 6! Well.. I will buy iPhone 6...when iPhone 7 comes out! With another hope against hope... I will be doing my foreign Post Doc by then!
This injunction was too much of a burden on the hepatic system and the medicines are still on to kill the last remnant of the parasite, from their latest visit for a picnic within me. But at the same time, some of the great events took place; a movement got heed and that reminds me to share one of my posts a gew months back, regarding f…


Silence prevails before the storm, The rainbow curls up at the bottom of every fall, A place, where there is full of turbulence, splatter and patter. The water drops chills your cheek, your eye lid and your lips. Come thou the wind, The spine becomes stiff, It breaks, but never bends!
The recent events at Jadavpur have been several such turbulence that I have seen and gone through in my student life. It pained to see the whacks that were delivered upon the torso of the silent protesters, bring up the bitter visions of #Nandigram, back in 2007. There was a wind of protest, a chilling breeze of death that dropped the establishment of Red Bastion into the dust! Dirt Bite!
Today, the colour have changed (#Poribortan), a change that  majority wanted... but the colour is not the only change desired! Colours can have bring no harm. They make the life beautiful. The change we wanted was in administration, but unfortunately that went unheeded.
#HokKoloRob is the tensed hash tag, that warrants…

Hike Research Fellowship

With the nation building up the voice of the scholars all over India, the ardent need to increase the research fellowship is nothing less than a national emergency; in it's true sense. I have been pursing the same issue and pleading to the Government of India to consider the scenario since it has been more than four years since the last hike. It was in 2010, the last hike was made trying to attract more and more into research. It did work materialistically, but people who have the passion is needed more into this field. But, with time things needed changes. 4 years ago, the Kolkata Metro ride cost Rs. 6 from Esplanade to Tollugunge (Maha Nayak Uttam Kumar). Now it's Rs. 10. So a to and fro means Rs. 20 compared to Rs. 12 back in 4 years. From Tollygunge to Jadavpur, an auto would charge you between Rs. 6-7. Now it's hiked to Rs. 10. So a to and fro would mean Rs. 20 again. The commuter charge per day would have been Rs. 11/day; now its Rs. 20/day for the past one and half …

For the Archive | Football World Cup 2014

Hilarious for many...

But the First Semi Final have offered me a comic relief to share with all my friends and Gen Next for the years I will stroll this planet.

Miroslav Klose, the man who scored his 16th, over took Ronaldo to create a new platform of scoring goals in World Cup history. As it happen, I took a snapshot and was about to put on my facebook Wall. An in action (but hazy) picture of the Ball getting past the Brazilian Last Line and across the Goal line. As I was processing the image, I heard the commentators shout! 3:0. Remember, Klose's 16th made the score 2:0. It was just a few seconds.. Very few seconds. I peeped through the screen, it was 3:0. Well. Brazil would be losing for sure... but what followed next was really inexplicable.

My broadband was fast to upload the processed image. I clicked back into the full screen and the score line was 4:0. Amazing. At the moment, I was mused with the incidence... But then Brazil lost the game 7:1. A scoreline, that not many e…

Recuerdos lloran "Orkut"

Memories Cry...

The first ever stampede of social media vibes, the scraps that were then digital... The scribbles that made testimonials, craving for more fun every night, near the computer. The start of the Social Networking Age... The protagonist, the pioneer will expire on September 30, 2014. I came to know it from it's murderer, the Facebook share.

Many memories will linger around; hence, I make my little effort to recollect some and put up the last image of my Orkut Homepage for the Archives.

Back in 2005, the craze came into my life. A place where the social networking was buzzing and my college mates introduced me to it. Initially it was hard but then the meaning of the Wall and the Scraps became more succulent. New friends... good looking and you always have that freedom to change your name and announce of being a Rock Star, a Cool Dumb head... I remember, I once renamed my profile name with Mr. Xhang-- The Warrior. A request from my student (who apparently is a doc now).

The Cuspless Cup.

Never know why it's called the World Cup. A trophy would better suited given the modern perspective when the cusp within the cup has been replaced. Yet, Brazil wins it more than any other country, in the World of Football and to look into the fact, a combined population of humans might be higher in the Northern Hemisphere, but Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and also Australia to some extent has more World Cups (Football and Cricket) pulled into the Southern Hemisphere. Being an Indian, the last time the nation got a chance to play in this prestigious event was nearly a decade before my birth; but when ever the knowledge of the game befitted my senses... It had been only one name: Argentina... Maradona. 
24 years ago, 1990, the blue brigade crossed the hurdle of the Quarters. They lost out eventually to West Germany, the ultimate winners of the cup in the Finale. Then again... every time it has been so. I have been very jittery with the fact that Argentina faces the Germans. In 2006, Ay…

Modified Sensation

27th February, 2002. "I was getting ready, brushing up and ready to engulf the last left overs as my Maths exam would start around 9:00 AM. Dad had been very ill today. His pulmonary infection relapsed and I was doing everything on my own. I never thought I would be writing such an incident. But God knows his mercy and may be I shall read my own lines some years later...."
This is the excerpt from my diary, that I wrote 14 years back.
"... suddenly mom came running back. She asked me not to go to school today (I was surprised as there was Maths Exam!); as the musalman patti (muslim colony) has some commotion near Lord Para, just behind my school. Some muslims had burnt hindus in a train in Gujarat." 
I remember how she frantically looked into the Anandabazar Patrika. There was something in it. There was something in it.
"And there was in the headlines that reaffirmed her overheard news."
That day, the exam did take place, but the school was let off early.…

Perplexed Purple.

Not about Kolkata Knight Riders. I have stopped viewing IPL at random. The colour is of the dried sweat, blood and skin admixture. And more purple it gets with the summer heat.
A decade back, elections was different and this time round; its full of Maggi Hot and Sweet- Its different.
A decade back there was all Red; pompous and pride... people decided to cool them down and brought a green serenity to the state of West Bengal, a few years ago. It was a change and so will it be in the center this time. Or atleast the common humbled good for nothing futurists think so and the leaders will sip in champagne within the Limo!
And I being a general public feel so perplexed. Politics and leaders are one who has got a good grip over their vocal cords! History knows how Hitler overturned the German sentiments, how Napoleon over took the Chapel, how Netaji boiled the blood of the masses. A few years ago, your decision would be partially influenced by the speech delivered by the political maestro…

What Indian Public Deserves!

This article would segregate the Indian public into many sections. So, I start with this caution, because it is nothing illegal, as the Indian public is already segregated... by religion, by caste, by creed. India is one, but the public... well, lets move on!
There is a popular saying that the Citizen deserves the Government. If the former is not right, the later will be just a reflection of the former. So, if you shout and forget, the governance will pinch and wear away the mark. And then comes the word corruption! How can you point only at the heads when the whole body is corrupted? Given an opportunity, you would rather take a short cut with a few paisa... Oh! Sorry, hard to see those... with a few rupees! I feel this every day almost at the Sealdah station, where a small gap in the queue would invite onlookers to take the spot, even if there are heads waiting behind! Short cut to the destination, when there are legal cuts means corruption. So, the Indians being segregated to corr…

Authors, Ink Strokes and Myself

A friend of mine had recently started a thread online through the popular social media called facebook. The tagging thread reads like this:
The rules: copy this introduction then take fifteen minutes and try to list at least fifteen authors (poets included) off the top of your head who have influenced you in your life. Tag and share with fifteen of your friends including me, because I'm interested in seeing what authors you like, too.
I thought, it would be a great idea to type the names of the authors, their works and how their ink-strokes inspired my life, helping my eyes to look it the way I do today.
My love with books started from a very young age. Coming off the twinkling stars and the black sheep to the childhood of Tom Sawyer, where I took the flight on a journey through the world of books, taking me through the pages, flapping in the breeze of age and time on that old recliner in the corner of my room warrants those wonder years...
1) Mark Twain: His character in Tom pain…

Yuva Music Festival 2014 : The Cords for Peace

Inspired by the verse of Swami Vivekananda, Music is the highest form of art and for those who understand it, it is the highest form of worship, the upcoming seven day Yuva Music Festival, 2014 expands it's wings to flutter like a dove of the Trinity and spread the message of humanity through the right cords; the Cords of Peace.
In a world of social unrest, music have always played an important role as a reformer. The tool to find solace, Rajanikanta Sen wrote: mayer deowa mota kapor mathai tule ne re bhai, din dukhini ma j  toder r j kichu sadhya nai; (Translated from bengali): Feel great to clad in the coarse clothes stiched by your mother, since she has done what she could from her resource. A song that was part of the Bengal Renaissance, waking up the social sentiment to relate with the fact that being proud part of the land means more than  serving the foreigners, the then ruling oppressive British. History also earmarks a verse-transformed song " I have a Dream" b…

The Scientific Jargon.

I came across a post today on facebook, regarding the 21 great contribution to the World by Indians; ancient Indians I mean. I knew a few like metallurgy, ocular surgery, plastic surgery and microwave inventions that Indians contributed and that changed the face of Human Civilization. I didnot knew that flush was an Indian invention, dating back to Mohenjodaro Harrappa. You all can have a look into these facts and admire, then click on below:
But in the present context, you have your limitations. Inventions and discovery cannot come without research and today, you stare into the world of uncertainty with no money to work with and research slumping into the dungeons. Notifications like a blue moon flickers "NEW" on the webpage, announcing a sudden change of plans to delay the fellowships. A recent event will ear mark down the memory lane.
And still we bask in the glory of science and arts, invent…

The Great Indian Circus.... Again.

It started and carried over half of a decade ago; and it has started off now. The great Indian circus of election, in the largest democracy of the World. With that starts the commotion, hints of violence and marring images, where only the common man gets hurt or delayed!
I condemn the incidence that occurred in Delhi (Again!!) where a student from Arunachal Pradesh was man-handled and literally thrashed to death. I pray for Nido's peace; but the circus lies in everyone jumping the gun to take the lime light in condemning the act and then there are images of people self-declaring that they are Indians and not Chinese! Demographically and genetically, the North-east population of India has a developmental outlook that has similarity with the mandarin cult. But, they are no doubt Indians...equal! Ahem! I have a point to establish! Are they... why only they....? Are all Indians equal?
I am not talking of financial equality! That cannot be achieved as there is and will always be a soc…

I Grew Up Thinking They were Couples...

Till I came to know the difference between screen couples and the real ones.
Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, both have late infront of their names now, but to a Bengali household, they still are arrive through the days of black and grey! One of Indian Cinemas most successful pair, Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen were no less than the on-screen Romeo and Juliet. Those days were really funny for the young mind of mine. Then, in the 80's and the early 90's, spiked antennas used to capture the feeds from Doordarshan, where every Sunday would mean a Bengali Matinee showtime and of the four Sundays of a month, two movies would be a Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen starrer. Back then too, my mind used to believe them gods; because they popped up into your room from thin air and with the spiked antenna being on the roof top and with the unusual commotion when the wind would propel it off it's position; my dad would jump atop the fence to fix them. I believes that they ought to be coming f…

The Dent

Not the text form of the Dentist. Its a dent and I am referring to the beautiful illustration by Matt Might regarding the "concept" and "reality" of PhD. After going through those cheesy comics put forward by phdcomic, this read was a really innovative. You can just flash through though:
On the practical front, it looks like a small achievement, that looks a big game in your point of view. After re-reading the Hindu Mythological texts, I have realized that it's better to pursue your work rather than thinking as to what impact it shall bring. It's not important to be recognized by all, but important to be recognized by yourself as it is you who have come to this world in your skin and will leave without the same. Its you who is important to realize the work you do and the extent of pleasure you get from it. It is important to keep working.
The above link illustrates such. In the sphere …

Time Pass...

The start of 2014 happened on a different note. One week and over eight movies digested, both from India and abroad; all thanks to the pre-set downloads from These 8 movies includes BA Pass, Chader Pahar, Sherlock, The Conjuring, Satyaneshi, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Gravity and The Cave. And as the saying goes, there are good as well a bad that exists in this mortal earth, movies does fall withing that classification.
I would not like to talk on with all the eight, because that would classify my blog from 2014 as Movie Critic one; which barely is true. I am just a commoner, who happens to watch good movies and whose likes include Saving Private Ryan, The Bridge Across River Kwai, Band of Brothers, Independence Day, The Patriot to some more classics like Agantuk, Pather Pachali and Kuch Kuch Hot Hai.... the list continues. The movie buffs who have seen these will instantly know that I am a movie scrambler, rather than an assembler!
On a personal note though, these days; the …