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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Lost Umbilical

There was a time, when people used to believe in a child, born out with a connection with his or her mother. A connection that has 108 vessels, severed after being nourished for the first 10 months of the individual's existence on this planet, cozy within the cocoon of motherly nest, called the womb. They still do now, not that WiFi and Wireless is effecting the umbilical cord. But, now some of those brainchild, come up with brilliant ideas of reconnecting with that womb of other mothers or would be mothers, not with flesh, but with iron rods!!! They do it, after the inhuman exhibition of strength of their own desire upon a lady who don't want their touch! They touch her, thinking of some iPhone and then, they nail her thinking that Jesus is still not looking! I don't care if Jesus is sleeping or not. What I care is that these cruel, inhuman, senseless animals should be brought to justice.

Yes, I am talking of the incident that took a few days back in New Delhi, with a paramedical girl was raped in a running bus, when the bus was swaying through the populated areas of the Indian Capital.I am talking for justice to be shown to those uncountable uncouth, who had played the game of finding a place to insert their dysfunctioned cables. They know, because of that, they won't get a girl, so how about getting together and force them in. They don't find a place, for they never are fertile, nor strong and totally Klienfelter!!!

I chose today: 21/12/12. Nostradarmis, Mayans and many more predicted this to be the last day of the world. They were true! The way humans are getting, they are killing each other, killing the name of being human, but still you find a Johnny Walker run down the street with a black T-shirt on and written on it: Being Human. Joke!

The Government should realize that this is serious. If you all can't give any justice, then catch them and throw them to us. We know what to do! Infact, facebook and texts are flowing in with various ideas, mostly directed towards the dysfunct cables of the guilty. But if asked my opinion, the best punishment would be to have a Mob attck on them! A mob has the face of humans, and just like the wasps being attacked by drones in the hive, we have to take that stance! I believe, that is the punishment by the humans, for the creatures, out of this world!

Looking forward for such Indian Penal Code to be formulated or else, the Indians will target the "Pee"-nal (Hindi) and that day is not far away!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Math-Cab : It Happens only in Kolkata

Think of revising your maths in a Cab? Well, it happens only in Kolkata, as far as I have experienced.

People say that the best time to solve mathematical problems come in the calmness of the night or at dawn. In Kolkata, the fun comes hand-in hand with commotion and traffic snarl. Improvised and superlatively imposed by the Transport Ministry, Government of West Bengal, this November, a passenger has to multiply the displayed fare on the cab meter by 2.4 and then add Re. 1 to pay to the driver, who has meticulously made it a point to stop when the meter reads 17 or 19 or with digits that end with 3, 7 or 9. And then when you are in a hurry or get frustrated, you always have the option to round it up and pay the driver to the nearest higher multiple of 10!! Business optimized and achieved! The poor gets some black money and you lose some white. This, to add on, you avoid the cab and run for the bus, where the conductor is ever waiting to show you a Chi Square Chart, that you seldom understand and charge you more!

And then, it beats my imagination, as to why the digital meter donot display the actual fare and calculate it based on whatever equations they have. After all, it is digitized and no more manual. Previously too, you used to double and add Rs 2 to pay off! But, here, you are in a pit with 2.4 factor eating up your wallet/purse!

BODMAS (if pronounced in Bengali, means a crook), but in mathematics, well I better not explain! Or else I shall have to lose some elite readers of my blog!

Since fare hike, this is the third time I boarded the Taxi tonight. Coming back from a friend's place, my colleague Nandana and myself were on our way home, when I asked her that does she know about the new rule? On explaining, it as to "Double the meter reading and then add 20% of the reading and then  add Re 1 to arrive to your ride price!" Given her spontaneity, she murmured; "Tell me how to divide or bracket any thing?" I said, "No" and then on my way back home, after dropping her, I thought that this can be a good article to place, as to how we are sharpening our brain and keeping our neurons alive!

I have no issue with the hiked fare, but better put it correctly on the board! How do you expect to multiply 77 with 2.4 and then add 1, to pay up, when your cab driver has a new customer to the airport and you have to run back home as nature was calling!!! Legally it comes to Rs. 185.80p, which means I had to pay Rs. 186/- only. But with all these burdens on, horns blaring and stomach paining, I paid the driver Rs. 190/- to attend to my emergency! If it happens to me, it can happen to you!

So, its my request to the Transport Ministry to issue special programmed meters that can display the fare, fairly! We are good in maths and some economics, just that we can never be Aryabhatta or Chanakya by revising it in a Cab!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was over cast. The white shine of the clouds, slowly turned grey. Bright webs flickered through them, announcing the arrival of monsoon. The blade of grass swayed in the wind, that picked up speed and chilled the surrounding. A blanket of dust that once covered the tyres and the pavement, jumped upon it's head. "This is annoying!" thought the blade. "I don't like this monsoon kiss. Can't it come neat and clean?"

Blade, it stands still in it's place. It wins over the scorching heat, the pressing feet, but still it stands up tall to wave a high in the blowing wind. Sometimes, the neighborhood Tommy, would come wagging it's tail, pick up his right leg and bath it in a warm Jacuzzi. Scented, the blade awaits monsoon.

Still it gets angry with the unwanted kiss of the dust that the monsoon announces, before her arrival. May be it's an unexplained expression of love. Humans get weird on this part. Buying balloons, cards, chocolates and sometimes throw some stinky wet balloons around it,  frequently at dawn break! The blade always wondered about that stink, but with time, the scorching sun would fade away those thoughts, making it's vein run water so as to survive. Night falls, blade sleeps.

This year though, the monsoon has taken quite a long time to arrive. It had been waiting for it's kiss. The rain drop upon itself, smearing it's torso to bring back life and love! But what's this. A herd of cattle is on it's way. Will it never meet it's eternal love in the clouds. Will it never meet those sparkling beads of life, falling from the heavens. They come on nearer, while the lightning strikes far away! "Please come to me, I am waiting", prayed the blade. Its sound faded amidst the hoof beats! The clouds seem to play along with the heard, forgetting the long waiting tiny friend under their hoof!

It's ear torn, half head eaten, the blade waves on... Let the raindrop quench it's thirst for one last time;

.... there was a Moo, a bite and a crunch.

It started raining.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Legitimate Thoughts

It comes across your mind, when you have other legitimate chores left for you to complete. How I hate them like many of you. Can't they come when I am idle or sitting with our empty caps on! Crap, they are... Crap they go!

How does your day unfold with backlogs in your mind? Still I would love to win all over them with smile. But, sometimes, it seems lodestone over your lips. They scream out for your pity state, thinking nothing else, but being a bimbo!

A short post. Let it go down your mind as a potion of bitter idle life, where nothing seems to move. And this happens when people become very close and you feel they are far away!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sunshine at Midnight.

Not a celestial awe. Not even a magical movie; but its magic, I call Magic of Life!

Warmth and Enjoyment. Something that the modern nucleated society is lacking day in and day out. Even the couples see each other at dawn, thanks to the immense work schedule, I fondly remember the days that came and went away, swiping it's magical wand across the canvas of my life and also of my friends, my colleagues and really good group!

This post was long due. Thanks to the Molecular and Human Genetics of CSIR-IICB's joining party, this post was bound to be penned down in my blog. A short story of few days that culminated into our lives with immense happiness, missing each and every drop of the wine that we still would like to taste, when ever possible. Not to mention, it brought pain into the ears and sleep of the neighborhood!

Anirban Da and Madhuparna Di, your fond memories still lurks when ever I cross the terminus near Harisabha ground at Jadavpur area. That rented flat did buy us some good time. Tuned in with music from the smooth ticks of the fingers of Subhadeep and Anirban Da.... to the food and the drinks, those home grown parties are the best and I shall cherish always. There were some chores which was always left over by us, but the party waves kept on calling us with warmth.

Five times, if I remember it correctly, was the gathering within a span of six months... from November 2011 to May 2012. The party men kept on adding, but there are people who always savored saying; Cheers!!!

Anirban Da, Madhuparna Di, Udayan Da, Jayanta Da, Surjya, Subhadeep, Nandana and myself were regulars, bringing the Sun up to shine from midnight to dawn. Yes, sometimes Debmita joined in and so did Sandip Da, Nilanjana Di, Bille and Belda...but whatever the party, when ever the party, the reason was open hearted laughter, song and smoke!

Many people reading this post might think us a bunch of hooligans, but believe me, it were these momentous gatherings that kept us going in our research work from the next day! Hats off!

This post was long due.. but the roads at Harisabha will still remain and so will our desire.... The hosts are away in US, but I guess we all will meet again and rejuvinate our memories, music and most importantly the parodies.... and... awesomesala!!!! A toast to the milestones, left behind and new mile stones to come!!!

Time may fly by,
Memories are mine.
Let's hope the bottle is new,
with the Old Wine!!!
-Somnath Paul, 16.08.2012.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babu Moshai....

Zindegi aur maut upar wale ki hath mein hain Jahapana,
Usse na toh Aap badal sakte hain....
Na toh Main....
Hum sab toh rang manch ki katputliya hain;
Jinki dore upar wale ki ungliyo mein bandhe huye hain...
Kaise uthe ga...
Yeh koi nehi bata sakta hain...


The famous climax of Anand (1971), a master piece by Rishikesh Mukherjee within the history of Indian Cinemas.

For those alien to the Devnagri, here is what it means:
Life and death is in the hands of the Lord Almighty, No one can do any thing about that. No can chenge it nor mend it. We all, are the mere puppets in the stage of life, who are being directed upon by the One above. Who, when and how will be called up, no one knows... (Just smile all the way).

Rajesh Khanna (1942-2012), was one of the charming actors of Indian cinemas. In the era which was coming out of the shadows of great actors like Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Ji made his own mark. An era, dominated by the sons of Bengali, Rajesh Khanna adopted the style and created a new stardom in the era of 1970-80.

In my faint memory, the first movie that I watched of this great charming performer was Ghar Ghar ki Kahani. It was a retake by Rishikesh Mukherjee of his earlier bengali version, where late Rabi Ghosh played the role what Rajesh Khanna did later with his charming smile. Its a laugh all over, a satire to the then depleting joint families of India. I loved it. But, what made their imprints in my memory were Anand, Swarg, Hathi Mera Sathi and Aradhana.

To a childish mind, Anand always bore the character of Rajesh Ji, impersonated within me, which to some extent I follow till date. Hide your pain and be loud with laughter with friends. It taught me that pain is your own, which you will enjoy the way it should be. To express that to others would degrade it's quality, as others will enjoy it the way it shouldn't. Instead, happiness is something that should be shared and leave pain to yourself and to your better half!

For this taught and character infused in me by the performance of this great man, the smile....

I salute you Sir....

Immortality... Attained!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature's Trail #2: Garpanchakot, Purulia, West Bengal, India.

The trip to Gorumara was not to end the endless plans that come with a promise of great week ends. Many graduates in India envy their american counterparts for having some great week ends, that has a proper Friday Night to look forward to. In India, the situation is nightless, endless... sometimes PhDjokes seem targeted towards us only!

So, a fortnight hence, it was another pleasure week end trip. Garpanchakot. Where time with the power of nature and innovation of humans.

Located upon a small hill, this place is one of the eastern most fringe of Chora Nagpur plateau. Industrial place, but this place has one of the greatest marvels of Indian engineering. It is located beside the Panchyet Dam, one of the four Hydel Power Dams within the grip of the Damodar Valley Corporation, producing more than 2million Watt power as a minimum production, per day. Taming the devastating Damodar River, called the Hwang Ho of India or rather say the Sorrow of India, this huge dam is a highly secured zone, placed between the territorial states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. Garpanchakot, is in Bengal.

I have seen sun rise / set over the oceans, rivers and lakes. It was my first to see it live from the reservoir of a dam. It was no less than awesome!

The team comprised of Nandana, Banhisikha, Bille, Belda and myself. Jayanta Da was about to join us, but due to unavoidable circumstances, he couldn't! But, never the less he missed a lot of things like the jungle....

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) runs some guest house in several forests, within the territorial supervision of West Bengal. You can check the status of room availability, online and go with cash to the WBDFC office, located at Raja Subodh Mullick Square, Kolkata 13 and book.

We had reserved one four bedded room while a double room, all named after the local birds and trees, names that are specialty of Purulia District, West Bengal. Ours were "Kusum" and "Palash". Kusum was a four bedded suit and it was huge! Air Conditioned, but we loved the sun, as long as we had our eyes treat with the crowded forest; for a change, crowded with flora and aerial fauna, we were feeling great. The food was excellent as well.

What else was missed by those who failed to accompany; Good Trek and Excavation at the Garpanchakot ruins...

And did I mention about excavation? Oh! Yes... it was something to remember...

I can bet, with a handful of pictures about this dilapidated place, whose existence is over 900 years, a few will depict such pictures from the top of the temple. It was a paradise to sit a-top! Also, it was exciting to climb up the steps.

In between the lines, let me put in the little information about reaching the place. Take Black Diamond from Howrah, an early morning start and get down at Kumardubi (IRCTC code: KMME). Its nearer from Barakar, which many people believe as the nearest station to Garpanchakot. From Barakar its, a 45 minutes drive; from Kumardubi. it was 25 minutes! You reach the place within 4 hours, riding the Black!

How about soaking your feet, sitting within the reservoir. I mean, the place that would be flooded between July to March, due to rain and water storage for the hydel, remains dry between April to June. It's another paradise. The landscape is seasoned by the stored waters, where young grass grow and cattle graze, you move with a crazy driver, just up the hillock, which would be nothing but an island during the flood! And then, you take some rare snaps!


Surprise! The greatest experience of all: Mubarak Bhaiya's Snake museum, which he is trying to make a place where people can come and meet with these wonderful creatures, wild type! You can get a lot of such experience in Singapore, but those are well trained! These are all wild and you can touch them and even wrap them. Some are non-toxic, hence you can just love them, near your face... just like my good friend Nandana did:

Its the greatest thing you achieve, when you become connected with nature... Like that or may be,
Like this...

Always had the desire to hold a python.... Thanks Mubarak Bhaiya....picture: Jayabrata Mondal...!

In brief, the trip was fanta-bulous!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

প্রক্রিতির পথে : In Nature's Trail- Part 1

My face book profile will enlist the experience as "Chronicles of an Unkempt Traveler" and its more than a month old. One of the most acclaimed album hitting near 50 likes and hundreds of comments from far and wide, which had made me pleased that at last I have justified my talent.

Creativity is Man's ultimate independence, where every stroke of paint or words has its own meaning too his own satisfaction. And if it is understood by many others, you become the author or a painter, artist or film-maker. I have names galore to fill up the respective positions, but I know there are several others who have already done this.

I would simply like to place the beauty of Bengal in front of the cyber world, so that unlike the freedom to visit the mountains from other Metroes in India, Kolkata dweller can make an extended week end count, without cutting his or her salary or facing the sweet sweet music!

Every year, Jesus brings us a GOOD FRIDAY. Make it official or not, you deem to have a holiday. 2012, was an instance where I ensured such  holiday along with 17 other members, many from IICB to come into the celebration of life, called TRIP to Gorumara, North Bengal.

Since, it was a week end trip, we had an initial plan to visit the mountains. In fact, the plan was changed 12 times, before we came down to Gorumara. But we had our destination tickets purchased to NJP (New Jalpaiguri), although for Gorumara, its advised to get down at Alipur Duar.

But, if you want to start enjoying the nature from the inception of your footsteps on the ground, get down at NJP. The sight and sound of Teesta aand Murti made fabulous green trail that lead to Gorumara after a 2 hour drive.

Gorumara is one of the reserve forests falling withing the Jaldapara-Buxar forest belt in Dooars. Amidst the foothills of the lower Eastern Himalayas, the place is cool because of the mountains and also the dense flora of the Reserve Forest.

Several watch towers are connected with this place like the Gorumara Watch Tower itself along with Chapramari. But we chose the Gorumara Salt Pit tower and believe me, we watched all the available animals in the Dooars, except tigers. Peacocks were like hens from the poultry, running here and there. Had never witnessed a peacock fly; witnessed it here. Bisons, Rhinos and Elephants topped the chart. The jungle safari continued in broad day light, although we faced rain every day of our stay.

The most memorable was the night, of the day before we were to leave back for Kolkata. We had the plan to take the first car (Gypsy), to the Gorumara Tower. Its acclaimed and gurantees to show the most. We were lucky to see them, as mentioned earlier. But, what I will take from this place apart from good memories was one experience. It was 3AM and we planned to stand in the queue to purchase the first 18 tickets of the limited 20 tickets. We were to wait in turn, since we were intoxicated with VAT 69. I was siting nearby, the counter and behind me was dark jungle. It was fenced and it was just an arm away. Just then Subhadeep and Promit, who were standing initially went to call the next in turn to stand with me. Our lodge was just a few steps away.

Suddenly, I heard some tramples of the fallen leaves.  A run. I turned back, towards the barbed fence; saw nothing. Then I could clearly heard the sound of the herd of elephants! It just shivered a cold sweat down my spine as it was really "awesome" to hear amidst the unknown darkness.

This was taken with the IR mode on!

Gorumara helped in unraveling several secrets from known and unknown people. It also helped in identifying many. Here is our Group Photo....

It was fabulous!

Monday, April 02, 2012

A Creation called Love.

Begging some amusement, from the stagnant time, I decided to have a stroll past the Riverside (from Babughat to Princep Ghat, Kolkata). It was April 01, 2012 and I was not fooling with my wish to do so. As it is, my tuitions have dried up; after 9 years of service in the arena, I was free in a Sunday evening. It was feeling good, but how long will this be, I doubt, being the workaholic mentality I harvest within me.

I assembled my Nikon babe, cleaned the face and was click-ready. Boarding the 30C/1 from Taltala stop, I reached Babughat within 15 minutes, which generally takes 25 minutes on a normal Kolkata weekday. On road, I met Eden Gardens; decorating her attire to give birth of the several great matches, to be held from 5th April, 2012 under the big banner of IPLt20! It was shaded purple-gold, being the host ground for Kolkata Knight Riders. I knew I will visit her soon, so I rode past her towards my destination.

Unknowingly, my luck favored my day. There was sounds of cymbals in the air and drums banging; it was not any puja's terminal day- or was it? It was. Goddess Annapurna was being immersed in the ganges, to complete the last rites of a night long festivities. I was lucky, to take some snaps of immersion, as I always wanted to do so. Ma Annapurna, fulfilled my wish.

Immersion, Babughat | Kolkata
(c) Somnath Paul, 2012.

Till now, my love for the camera expressed herself in proper attire; but then, the passing waters slowly drizzled down my soul. Asking your presence. It seemed that eons ago, I have had walked through the trail, under the trees, making life smile beside the flowing water. It was ever steady in her flow and so was I with my life. Then, incidents for recent past lured me to believe the lights of Vidyasagar Setu; shinning bright and shedding its ray of hopes to every tiny soul, using it to cross over the water hurdle.

Vidyasagar Setu | Kolkata
(c) Somnath Paul, 2012

Its a hurdle, that I have to cross, to reach you on the other hemisphere of this earth. Its a creation and Kolkata, remains the epicenter of all creations.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whole Blood DNA Isolation Protocol

I am writting down the protocol for the DNA Isolation via Salting out process from blood. Gives good yield of DNA. A260/280= 1.6-1.8 (best)


1) Solution A Haemolysis Solution * Prepare fresh or use a solution prepared in 24 hrs and stored at 4'C.
Final Volume (ml):          1000                    750                     500                  100
Sucrose (g):                   109.5                   82.125               54.75                10.95
1M MgCl2 (ml):                5.0                      3.75                   2.5                     0.5

Dissolve the above in autoclaved water. Do not autoclave after dissolution as it can char the sucrose.

Add Triton X @ 1% of the final volume.

2)  Solution B  WBC Lysis buffer * Prepare fresh or use a solution prepared in 24 hrs and stored at 4'C. Add SDS prior use.
Final Volume (ml):           100                      50
1M Tris-HCl;pH ~8 (ml):   40                        20
0.5M EDTA (ml):              12                        6
1M NaCl (ml):                   15                        7.5

Dissolve in dd.water. Autoclave and then add 20% SDS @ 5% to the final volume.

3) Solution C    Protein ppt. buffer * Light sensitive, so store in amber bottle at 4'C; storage can be done for 1 year at the max.
This solution is 5M Sodium perchlorate= 70.23g of sodium perchlorate in 100 dd. water/ autoclaved water.

4) 0.9% NaCl (mammalian saline)

5) for 200ml TE: 2ml 1M Tris/Trizma(Sigma) + 0.4ml 0.5M EDTA. pH: 8.4

6) Cloroform (in 4'C)

7) 70% Ethanol (in 4'C)

8) Isopropanol (in 4'C)


S1. To 1 volume of heparin added blood add 5 volumes of 0.9% NaCl. Mix by inversion. Centrifuge at 2000rpm for 10 minutes.

S2. Decant the supernatant.

S3. Add solution A- 4 vols of the original blood taken and mix slowly by inversion. The solution will turn clear red due to lysis of RBC. Spin at 3500rpm for 5 minutes. If a white pellet is clean, proceed to next step or else any red pellet indicates incomplete RBC lysis. Add 2ml of Solution A and repeat the S3. Discard the supernatant.

S4. Add 2ml of Solution B, vortex to dislodge pellet. Invert mix for 10minutes unless the pellet looses it's integrity. (To hasten the process, I suggest to keep the mix in 37'C for 5 minutes in between two inversions of 7 minutes and 3 minutes.) If the lysis of WBC takes place, the pellet looks slightly thready and the solution gains a silky appearance of khadi silk.

S5. Add 500uL of solution C and mix rigorously using vortex.

S6. Add 2ml of chilled chloroform and mix. The solution turns milky.

S7. Centrifuge at 2500rpm for 5 minutes.

S8. Transfer the clear aqous layer in 1.5mL tubes. This may take several turns to transfer all the Aq. supernatant. The suggested process:
            S8/1: Take 500uL of supernatant and add 500uL of Chilled isopropanol, Invert mix by hand. Appearance of translucent threads. These are alcohol insoluble DNA.
            S8/2: Spin down at 13000rpm for 5 minutes or 10000rpm for 12 minutes.
            S8/3; Keep the pellet (DNA) and discard the supernatant. Repeat S8/1 unless all the aqous layer from S7 spin is accumulated in one 1.5mL tube for a particular sample.

S9. Add 1ml of chilled 70% ethanol. Wait for 5 minutes and spin at the speed conditions of S8/2.

Discard the alcohol and air dry. (a maximun dry of 18 hours is allowed; overnight dry). Keep in mind, not to over dry!

Add 100uL TE to the air dried pellet. Keep in 4'C for 3 days, before estimation and analysis.

Hope this will help a lot of my molecular biologists in different arena of life science. This is a tried and tested protocol.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tell me how to win your heart...

For I haven't got a clue-

But its always you and me and everything new!!

Five years of walking together under the welkin, its approaching a new beginning. Its calling for the violin, the cakes, celebrations and many more. But when the time for these will run down, its just me... and you!

Changing defines my life, since when I met you. From the novice walker in the park, you made me transform into a steady feet! You have pulled me out of the several ideas of changing tracks. You derailed my corporate "passion" to the real me; making me comfortable in what I did and do and will keep on doing. May be that's the clue where I won your heart and you- won it long before you even thought about winning it.


Its just me and you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Story of a Little Indian State: Himachal Pradesh (Part 4)

The fourth part of the story was long due.

It was time to move out of the State Capital and romp towards the northern Himachal, 300KMs from Shimla, to a famous tourist destination called Manali. (Not Manila, as many flips their tongue!)

Manali is beautiful, no doubt, but this post is based on the beauty that the roads towards Manali that holds the lens (eye/camera), pop out of the window; throughout the journey. Residing at the foothills of the Upper Shivaliks, near the meet point of Beas, Manali is like Haridwar for Beas. For more than 70% of the journey, which took a good 6 hours in the Alto, we traced River Beas. The pebbles of the river bed executed some of the colours, close to nature.

The river had its own succulent nature. It accelerates suddenly, while slows down the flat valley. On either side lies the barren apple orchards. sibce we visit just after the apple's season, we missed the fruit from heaven, hanging, just like a common "wild" fruit around! Our driver was caring enough to tell us the geographic nature of the place and advised us that Manali and Shimla has two well defined seasons. One must visit in both the seasons, to savor the taste of Himachal. Its April-September (Apple and Sunny time) and November - February (Snow time). I hope to visit on the later part soon.

The vitality of the trip was fresh air and soothing feel. On the way, we went through a newly made tunnel, that was dark, adventorous, four lane big, bypassing underneath the Himalayas. Its 3.1Km long, but thanks to the fading memory and age catching up, I just dont remember the name.

But, the most interesting and beautiful place that I saw in this whole drive of 6 hours was 20KM away from the Manali township. Inexplicable; that's why, I allow my pictures to talk for what I mean!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 years, many new things to learn!

... and I just feel I have just started; although the feeling gets interrupted abruptly, as you can see the dropping stats in my frequency in blogging out thoughts. But, guess, that's how life moves into senescence drive from adolescence! Blog too follows the rule as its life, itself!

Since 2006, my romance with this small space had started and I have tried to make it large. My history claims that I have had 1,33,200 hits since 2008, which makes a good 26.6k hits per annum. Only that my adsense doesn't pay up much as my friends only love to read my thoughts rather than search some items or products from my blog! Come-on! i am not! Am I? (but sometimes money also makes me miss it's presence by "selling" my thoughts)

Some simple stats:

Till now I have had posted 450+ articles. Many have had received it's comments and due share of respect, with people liking it and mostly are being channeled by Google Search and many through facebook and previously through orkut and now a days, sometimes, Twitter! I have shared some 1600+ photoes, of which 982 photoes are my own copyrighted snaps! And I flaunt them to the world. And I am not finished yet! Infact, its a long way to go: Miles to walk, before I sleep.

copyright: Somnath Paul | 2012. Bagmundi, Puruliya | WB

But, today I shall be speaking a purpose. A purpose that makes a living. A purpose that creates a living and it makes you wonder, whether you are right with or not.

Back, last week-end, I was in Bagmundi, Puruliya. Having finished my work, I managed to move out into the sun with my lens to collect some memorablia from such a serene beauty; of raw nature. A small girl came to me. In bengali, she asked: Where did I come from? Why was I there? I told her that I went there from Kolkata and I work in IICB. (She looked awed; understandably, she didnot understand what I meant in the latter part.) She asked: Was I a reporter? The reason was obviously hanging from my neck. I smile a No! I asked her why she was asking me so?

I was just dumbstruck with her reply.

In bengali she said: I thought the reporters are here and that there would be trouble between  red and green and people from both colours would come into their village to torture them, followed by the men who has camera like mine

To an adult Bengali, the Red and Green meant to faces of the coin at the Bengal Bidhan Sabha. That small conversation of 5 minutes left me in wonder as to what happened to these people in the past two years; thanks to the tag: Mao-baadi or Maoists

All are same. But, then...

Life goes on!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life for Others, Smile for Us.

Many movements have been organized all over the word, to bring and shape (also reshape) the human society, culture and civilization. I am happy, that I am part of one such movement, myself. Something that I loved doing and will keep on supporting till I am able to.

Rakshabandhan For Education (RFE), is an non-government organization, gathering funds to enlighten the the poor backward areas, with the light of knowledge, making them enlightened and getting a smile in  return; just to smile back. I, Somnath Paul, am a scholar from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata and am loving my activity as a member of RFE-IICB Chapter and our tryst to bring forth knowledge.

What is RFE?
An NGO that solely believes in making good talent shine through proper channels and for that the paper support (be it monetary or books) is provided by the organization.

What is RFE-IICB Chapter?
We, the people from IICB, believe in donating some of our allowances for the noble cause. We basically target in creating book-bank for the West Bengal Board syllabus in Class IX and X, in some of the needy schools in remote areas.

In the last few years from 2008; we have covered a school in Kultali, (interior of Sunderbans, Medinipur) and presently we are doing our work in two schools in Bagmundi (Purulia). Both places in West Bengal.

Since I went in the latter project, I hereby post some of the snapshots from Bagmundi.

All from Dhunuri High School, Bagmundi, Purulia.

The main purpose of this article is not to boast around the good work, but a request to all my scholar friends round the state, country and the globe. If you believe that the education that we received, ought to be shared, then  you contact RFE (click here). Any sort of help or participation is welcomed.

After all, Education is the Life for Others (under privileged), but Smile for us. 
So lets spread the Smile. 
Lets walk the mile; together!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kony 2012: A Movement with a difference

Search google with the sun-storm of 2012, and every fifth link, you will find the movement impregnated, called Kony 2012. Its a movement, for a cause. Normally, with the modern political scenario like the Wall Street Fiasco later last year in USA or the Saddam Mission in Iraq, Gaddafi Movement in Libya or the Laden Assassination in Pakistan; a movement is mostly against the governmental efforts. Take for the Indian scenario. From Union Government's head-ache with Anna Hazare to the Stately matters of Mamata in West Bengal or Maya-Mulayam in UP, movements have shaped governmental policies from array to disarray or vice versa! In short, its against them.

But, movement Kony 2012, is to plead the government (international body) to take steps in arresting an atrocious dictator of Uganda,. Joseph Kony, who walks in the worng path of the righteousness, mutilating the verses of The Ten Commandments, to whip out gains from the Ugandians!  Kony 2012, is the motion to make this man famous, so that even the sleeping governments in Antratica can hear and take actions against this atrocious individual. He, who kidnap children to train them into terror commandos while make the girls item of sex and pleasure for the fighters for him. 

Its a bid to make him famous. I have done my part... read and share and do your part as well.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kahaani: A Story of Anticlimax

Even the Gods admit: "Superb".

The movie will make money, but it will keep the legacy of being a thriller, where woman-hood wins the theme. I don't believe in writing down the script, as its upto you to pay and cherish the charisma, I just want to pen down the impeccable work by director, Sujay Ghosh and the acting by Vidya Balan and Parambrata. Revolving around the festive season of Durga Puja, the film upheld the tradition and rituals that the Bengali Festivity offer as it worships the strength of the Goddess. Just like Goddess Durga killed the demon (evil) Mahisasura, unvieling all the deceptions possible; the same is refelcted here.

Since, it is released on 9.3.12; hence, I would not kill the interest that the film deserves. You should go and watch it, as its better than Gupt. Dynamic, subtle and juicy! Just tailor made for near three hours of entertainment (including the commercials). You will love it!

I give it 9/10, not only for entertainment, but for the food for the brain to work! Its complete! Kahaani will Rock!

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Great Wall of India

This is what I wrote on Facebook Today:

 I used to hear from my dad and grand dads, about the pace of 60's and 70's, from the Windies. I will tell my offsprings and theirs', about the blades of 90's and 00's, from the Indies. One of those blades, retires today. The Wall, Mr. Rahul Dravid- You will be missed. You gave the country a lot; that cannot be defined. Thank you for standing in the middle!!

True, to the realization, when I was browsing the channels after a day's fight amongst colours and booze, I was throttled with the news, followed by several memorable matches and years that this man has given to the Indian as well as World Cricket fans.

Clubbed into the 10,000 runs getting players' Hall of Fame, Mr. Dravid have been  an inspiration to many hopeless, in several occasions, when he pushed the brakes to the India Wicket Slide. Also considered the member of the emminent Fav Four Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman, spelled doom, any day.

The most mesmerizing part of this quadra, was that, inspite of the Master Blaster (Tendulkar); the other three played with their own natural flair and dominated every niche that the Wisden for Batting wanted. To personify them, compared to Marvel Comics superheroes, I would put down the following, that defined their powers:

1) Sachin Tendulkar:  He plays like me: Sir Donald Bradman. His powers lay within the name. His bat spoke every turns and indefinite corners of the spherical cricket field, devastating bowlers at will. s long as he was present in the field, Indians know that the match can be won.

2) Sourav Ganguly: On left side, there is first God and then there is Ganguly: Rahul Dravid. The Indians knew that with a fighter in the middle, this match will not go down the drain. The tantalizing square drives and the cork screw sixes off the spins, made Ganguly the most beautiful batsman to watch. He inspired several comebacks and still people say: He left the game too early!

3) V.V.S Laxman: Stylish: Geffrey Boycott. He controlled situations when India stared at a follow on! Poeple knew, we still have Laxman. Infact, it is the duo of Dravid and Laxman that stalled the victory chariot of Steve Waugh's Australia, from not setting the World Record of Test wins at a stretch to 16 only. It was Laxman and Dravid that set the pace, and Turbinator (Harbhajan Singh), turning the heads. In 2001, Australia lost to India even after India faced a Follow On, Eden Gardens, Calcutta (Kolkata).

4) Rahul Dravid: The Wall: Cricket Fraternity! And he justifies his name.

There are abstract words to describe Dravid. Just wishes, as the sun wakes up in another 5 hours, while another chapter of glorious Indian Cricket closes!

Fav- Four (l-r): Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, Laxman

Sunday, March 04, 2012

What to write?

It seems that with dried up funds, my blog posts have also dried up. Rather say, I spend so much time in brain draining, on my research, that I find subdued times to work on this aspect of my life: Blogging! Never the less, I am on the blank canvas and am ready to paint it with what have been in and out in my life for the past month.

Not a digital diary; at least I shall try not to make it one.

With Sandip tying the knot with Susmita, Debmita taking her step into the life of being a man's woman; life have been eventful. And then, there is always the hard fact- research and PhD! Sometimes, its easy to find your way in the dark than finding your way up from the shallow well! I'm just having the latter part of the preceding statement. When, you talk about how you are; I just say- cholche, which if converted from Bengali to English, means- going along! But how? Not that is the question my dear.
Q1. Running? Nope!
Q2. Walking? Sometimes!
Q3. Limping? Definitely!

And then I come across hurdles. They kill you, but thanks to my inner spirit I make it smoothly, covering the sweat with a smile. To define with some tune it, you should definitely listen to this Bolly Song, that I came just the other day, while watching the movie: My Friend Pinto. Dhinchak Zindegi!

Its life, and all about it!

So, here to the celebration of ties being managed, over the past 29 days:

Debmita Weds Anirban

The Gang Debmita's Marraige

Sandip Weds Sushmita

S5 at Sandip's Marraige

Now, thats it.... Nothing more to write.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Missing Out

Today, the Indian media busted the poor bums of two Karnataka ministers, who happened to play childish in the Assembly. Behaving like school kids, they missed out on the common sense that they have crossed the 40 years age bar and that they have long lost their adolescence, when these inquisitive naughty stance can be accepted with the bunch of scolding and sometimes, capital punishment! But these two merry-go-lucky fellows, getting paid close to INR 3 lakhs per month; had the luxury to watch MILF mms or rather say mp4, while the assemble was in session! Just when the clothes were all down, the overhead camera focused below the balcony. It was the dried up frustrated ministers, trying their luck to take the juice back into their life! The smooth was on, when the news broke out : BREAKING NEWS- Karnataka Assembly or Pornataka Cluster! Elite, they may say, these people are human!

Come on!

If Shane Warne can do his bid behind the closed doors with two models, these are mere Ministers. The mistake: They did see it, where media boom was no sleeker than the word knife or the physical broom!

Take care Ministers. Hold your bells. They are important, since you will have to resign and get kicked on the two Bells; DHHONGGGG!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unpacking Thoughts

Calcutta Boys' School, which many other jealous school goers use to identify with their dress that looks like a "waiter", but we always enjoyed our identity as the school, who had the purity (white) as well as the mystery evil, when required (black). And being to school, was more than to identify oneself beholding the pride and tradition of CBS ~ a CBSite!

Today, while browsing through the various pages of facebook (our job eater); I came across a customized page that looked like one of the recent comic relief page; the Bongtips. Similarly there, in front of my eyes, was CBS Tips. Novice and very amateur, the page is a real treat to the Alumni, who can relive the sentences in their memory and think of what they did, back school.

I personally liked a few, of which I would like to mention a few and the art they taught me, which till date, helps!

CBS Tip #13: Only a CBSite can go to the school canteen with an empty pocket and come back with a full stomach. As it is, its true and its good that the tradition remains unchanged even till date. How has this helped me! Well, leave aside school, I always manage to save some more money in my pocket, by eating without the skin of shame from other's boxes! It has helped me in my B.Sc, M.Sc and now in my PhD! Beside saving the money, it saves energy to prepare tiffin and at the same time, makes bond with the humans! ;)

CBS Tip #4: You are not a real CBSite unless you have watched/talked about porn during class. Well, although I seldom did indulge in these during class, but an adolescent mind; its normal! But how has it helped me? Well, I can deal with the topics easily while delivering lectures on reproductive system to my students (B.Sc/ISC/JEE); male or female!

There are many more, but just to break the shackles of famine in the blog-o-land, this small crisp article should do the trick for the January Ratings! After all-

We are Black,
We are White,
We are CBS,
Cheers to Life!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today, with every passing minutes,
    My mind wanders away from me -
My laughter scrapes through the abyss,
    My tears break down my lips -

Is it you whom I have been missing?
   Or, is it the wonder of thy smell?
           Trance -
It embosses upon myself.

I hate it when I don't feel it!
     But then I close my eyes,
I speak upon thy image -
     I embrace thy bye!

I miss you dear!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abar Ahiron

With the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, Ahiron never planned a old schedule get smeared with the daily chores. There was fun and frolic, to welcome the new year and we made it in good stead at the end of Year 2011 and start of 2012.

Pestered with the thoughts of getting into the groove of the winter, it bid a temporary adieu during that time. The dew seemed warm, never the less it was shining like a diamond. It was back to history.  A joy ride into time, with good company. When the smoke embossed the ambiance with its grey lines, whisky cheered its golden way down the throat. There was mystery that was stitched with every drop of the golden fluid. And then came the power cut on the night that we were about to leave.

Prized, at it was. We left it to thyself, planning to revisit the mood, whenever time is ripe again!

My first post in 2012. Its just a new beginning and a belated Happy New Year...

Ahiron, 2012.

Somnath Paul Photography


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