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25th Day of October, 2008.

Another day is on the cards. Two days hence will be one of the most lighted festivals, Diwali, be celebrated through out India. But life starts from where it has ended for me, from yesterday. The feeling is far from being satisfied and perplexion rules the day. I feel lethargic. Out of focus, as what to do and what not to. Seem quite anachronistic in my existence. Should have been in the times when there still were the feudal lords, and I would be the heir of a huge village and acres and acres of land.
With the weather all turned cold, with the occassional gusts blowing across the streets, with mumbling swirls of the fallen, yet partially soaked leaves sounds quite loud in the desolate "cold" streets of Calcutta @ 2:43AM.
The trucks hustles across the speed brakers. Something really bad is looming around.... but what is it? I dont know. Atleast this proves that I am not God, atleast to those people who are interested to know the answer of that stupid question: "Who are Yo…


I am always weak streak in this aspect of communication. But when life bargains, its a constant melodramatic tune that tries to over take all the melodies, be it the symphony or the chorus. The solo sounds with a deeper and heavier pitch. I just flounder the softer notes, get floundered by the heavier ones. Then, with sudden troke of luck, I feel so engrossed with the scenario that I forget that the promises and the dreams once met upon in some yester-day corner in the path called Life, I feel comforted, with the thought that atleast there is No One to stop me from getting the award of my fate.Ismile. Luck never showered it's too favourite ambrosia into my daily bowl, that suddenly everything would start tasting sweet... just like Kalorie 1, the artificial sweetner with low calorie, so that the proverb that too much sweet turns bitter, the scenario doesnt arise out of no where, un expectedly. Irock on the chair, trying to figure out my next step. I am in total confusion, God knows …

Restless Times.

It sometimes feel that it's not worth taking the next breathe. When a child, it felt so exciting to be an adult... no studies, no disciplines. Well the latter defines an individual, no doubt. Today, it seems that staring at the emoty burner has more to it. It burns the inner self. Lots of mistakes. Not just three mistakes, as Chetan Bhagat wrote in his latest story, The Three Mistakes of my Life. Haven't gone through the pages as yet.
This phase of utter boredom does nothing, except make you feel sultry. What to do, what not to do, all seems so sublime, that it is worth to follow a vapour take it's course in the thin air, compared to the non promising, yet hopeful future. Contrary eh? May be. May be the touch of restlessness have been printing its present in my blog articles even. Presiously this was a place I enjoyed to write many many many articles. Many of them have been appreciated, and for the sake of those I used to write. But now, that hunger has also subsided. So du…

The First Taste of an Interview.

It was a make shift shabby place, cleaned with eagerness, to bring forth an ambience of a place for interview. Rash Behari Avenue, 1:30 PM on 19/10/08. I reached there seeing a paper cutting. The post of a biolgy teacher in a residential school in Dehradun. The idea of the place sublimed my thoughts with Rockford, the famous residential school of Bollywood, directed by Rajesh Kukunoor. The man with Hyderbad Blues under his belt, served out of the most frequented life style in a boarding school. Although I wouldnt be the student in such a scenario, but to observe resudential school life from up close always romantacized my existing thoughts. More ever there was the idea of Dr. Arnold fromTom Brown School days, finding its location in England, penned down over half a century ago, if I am not mis-representing the time of the book. Anyways, come back to the interview. In the world where the finances are going on a down hill ride all over, jobs and the pay scales were all except being attr…

The Magic of Magik.

ROCK ON!!! The movie that made the senses go back some three years ago, on the fields of Presidency, enjoying the groove of the Rock Music being served out by Fossils or Cactus or Jal or some other band, making the young legs swing to the maximum. Rock On, entitled with a catch line: "Live Your Dreams", really emphasises on the the importance to be what YOU are, and start making the steps to achieve your dream. The trademark of a winner is to manipulate the situation, rather than get manipulated by the situation. The latter case may see the "victim" with his or her boasting attitude about being flexible, but the truth is the person is very much a do-gone loser, as the principles and the dreams, the sole possession of an individual is all worn out and even lost!
Rock On makes it neccessity to Live Your Dreams. The music were fabulous and the settings were sweet. May be this is what Beatles could have done after the Great BreakUp, and created "Magic", oops...…

MeltDown Point.

A war has been declared.
The warfront defined.
It cannot be blundered yet again, but the war is again all alone. The high-rises mocks my stand. They ridicules my soul. They pierce the whole existence, hollowed. They shreds me to pieces, peace floundered. Yet I drag myself, trying to reach the destination. Dont know whether that is possible or not, but....
I fail to be focussed.

Lonely Beach.

The roads were all empty. Coated with the wet sand in which was imprinted the footprints of some one who has gone, "tear"-smearing the golden sand. What seemed to be gold, time played the alchemist turning it to sand, unabling me to clasp it with all my might. It is such a losing feeling. The sea of tranquility would seem warmer, if I go there, for I feel nothing but cold. Even the famous iceberg that dipped the Titanic in the early 1900's would be warmer, making me sink into the crevices of pain, mis-adventure, lifeless excitements!
May be that is how things go. I am too illiterate, dumb, insensible, and mad to understand this. Atleast life portrays me like that. Thank You.
© Somnath Paul. Kovalam Beach, Kerala, January 2007.

It was a Bolt from the Blues...

With the financial instability griping all over the world, and I myself pondering over how to get along with the Project IGI and The Imperial Online, trying to take the "INDIA" alliance ahead of the Falcons and the Besingrs, it had always been the toughest to handle the post pijas week(s), bringing the unwanted tempting desires to strech out the Pujas vacations and keep Uma for a little longer.
This pujas have been sort of roam alone funda. But, I can admit that I covered from all the streches of the city, just to have a glimpse of some of the biggest masterpieces by artists from all over the state, decoring the metropolitan with "sculptures" and " cultures" from all over the India, world and even outside this earth!
Shuruchi Sangha brings the flavors of Assam while Behala Natun Dal brings out the idea of Chivalrous LandLords and their decline through dilapidated Zamindar (landlord) house. It was upto Ekdalia to bring the colours of peacock in light and so …

Pandal Hoppings, Bitter Toppings...

When the whole of Bengal and the Bengali community basks in the festivities, the start came on a very bitter note with The TATA MOTORS pulling away from their commitments with Singur, in West Bengal. As the situation was seeping in with Santosh Mitra Square making a wit out of the whole fiasco of Singur, depicting a Lock in the Name of Industrialization in west bengal, thanks to Miss Mamata Banerjee, the second blow came in the form of Sourav Ganguly, the most cherished bengali batsman in the field of Cricket made a quite bolt, yet calculated and speculated announcement of his retirement from the International Cricket after the forthcoming Australia Tour.
It was time for Bengal to recluse in her nutshell of self arrogance and excessive egoism.

Cross Roads.

Come October 2008 and everyone looked forward for Happy Pujas yet again, in West Bengal and many Bengalis across the globe. But the eve of the puja got marred with the Tata Group CEO, Mr. Ratan Tata made it clear that the unrest in Singur have unfortunately not subsided and hence, because of their business commitments, they will not invest anymore in the Singur Project and would be moving out of the state. Following this announcement, Mr. Nirupam Sen said: " I dont wish to stay in bengal in anymore." And why not? This kind of self motivated revolution meant nothing for the commoner.
Miss Banerjee, the main culprit in the whole transaction kept to her stubborn promises, executing the proverb "As stubborn as a Mule", perfectly. After sucess in the recently concluded Panchyat elections, she thought of playing the perfect anarchist and overthrow another stubborn tap root, the Left front from the Writer's Building, and take over as the ruling party of West Bengal, wh…