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A Creation called Love.

Begging some amusement, from the stagnant time, I decided to have a stroll past the Riverside (from Babughat to Princep Ghat, Kolkata). It was April 01, 2012 and I was not fooling with my wish to do so. As it is, my tuitions have dried up; after 9 years of service in the arena, I was free in a Sunday evening. It was feeling good, but how long will this be, I doubt, being the workaholic mentality I harvest within me.
I assembled my Nikon babe, cleaned the face and was click-ready. Boarding the 30C/1 from Taltala stop, I reached Babughat within 15 minutes, which generally takes 25 minutes on a normal Kolkata weekday. On road, I met Eden Gardens; decorating her attire to give birth of the several great matches, to be held from 5th April, 2012 under the big banner of IPLt20! It was shaded purple-gold, being the host ground for Kolkata Knight Riders. I knew I will visit her soon, so I rode past her towards my destination.
Unknowingly, my luck favored my day. There was sounds of cymbals in…