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Job Crisis, a Socio-Economical Mayhem.

It started in the middle of 2007, when the Lehman Brothers, the world's supposedly second largest bank, closed its subprime lenders. In 2008, the fear was triggered with the collapse and bankrupcy of the same bank, creating a global economic melt down. The NIFTY, DOW-JONES, HANSEN were the biggest hit including the other national and international markets. The SENSEX made a dramatic ascent into the 20,000 point mark, but just like the dramatic peak, it fell below 10,000 mark within a week. With each and every asset down, the bankers panicked, making a panick call to sell shares and that did let to further fall the market price. The pandemonium set in a new kind of terror. Job security.
Wall Street broke down creating a collapse all over the world. Jobs were at stake. It was reported that this phase is one of the largest hit financial phases in the World Financial History. The UNO associated ILO (International Labour Organisation) reports that by the end of 2009 we can see some 50 m…

Trying Something New: School Project Assistance.

Try the word "SEX" in the google search bar. You will get the following returning result:

Results 1 - 10 of about 764,000,000 for Sex [definition]. (0.15 seconds)

But try this thing out, " School Project Assistance" on the same search search engine, on the same day. You will get this:

Results 1 - 10 of about 680,000 for SchoolProjectAssistance. (0.15 seconds)

And the results will be far from satisfactory, because the search engine makes all the cumulative search of the three words that you printed, individually. School + Project + Assistance. Hence what you actually desired would have to be further filtered from amongst the thousand odd pages that Googz provides you!

This is just a simple introduction to something innovative that I have thought of, and that too with an availability in my home town Kolkata/ Calcutta, India. Its a small concern regarding the ever increasing work load of the school goers these days that they barely find a time sit with their favorite ca…

59th Republic Day.

Let Post # 237 be a justice to the 59th anniversary of India being a Republic. It was a day to reckon a truth that a nation was stitched into her existence, starting from the small princely states and the associated trouble created by once implemented Divide and Rule policy of the Britishers. The Indians got set up into various "distinct" communities, mainly Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs! The scratches of the 1947 is still breeding within the system. Today a movie in the local channel, regarding the contributions of Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel, The Ironman of India. It showed the contributions of the great minds and the great leaders of the time, who thought for the nation first. But, with full remorse, that sentiment is surely lacking.
Then, Sardar thought that about the consequences of a decision taken, of dividing the nation, but today? Well lets not comment on a belated republic day, of the nation. May be some mistakes, leads to events like Kashmir or the Mumbai, wounds of which…

Enclosures of Happiness.

In this limited world, with limited prospects, every rub their shoulders in the dark in search of an opening, to have some fun. We figured out just the right formula to have the light, with little hassles. At Joydip's house, Behala, this was achieved with full satisfaction and enjoyment.
There was a night time feast, with rice, dal, french fries, chicken (Pijush speciality), Fish Pasina (Joydip's speciality) and Prawn Hariyali (my serving). There was fun and frolic, with music, cards and movies to suit our tastes.
But above all, this meeting proved one thing. Guys can do all the cooking and be self supportive even without the ladies. After all it was simply an achievement that worked out fine without any feminine help!
A small video of our party times is given here forth. The member consists of Joydeep(Host),Kanad, Budhaditya, Pijush, Subimol, Arnab, Raktim, Sandipan and myself. Nine bachelors, some may be committed, by till date are bachelors!!! It was a bachelor's party to …

Feel Free..

Dated: 25/1/09.

Today I shall run in the meadows, agile like the kid, sniffing out the tender grass blades which welcomes me with all their belongings.
Today I shall rise high, even if the sky refuses to hear me cry; I shall touch them till my tears float in the clouds, like the mists from the land does.
Today, everywhere, the sound of music simply blare; without a cause or their existence.

Sounds melancholy down and smile remains in the closet. Today I shall wear my restless laughter, till the candle flame burns thy desire;
Today I shall again say...
Hope may rise on their feet today...

Paying the price with my madness,
I shall like to be back,
Only is those times widen their arms to comfort me,
I shall be happy being a loner,
never advanced!

I am here to pay a price...
Either I shall boil the happy rice;
Or be a corpse for the mice...

A smile, A Tear drop and A fragment of Memory.

They all are the perfect composition for a nice commemoration of an eventful tour, a year ago. Just wanted to recap on those un-forgetful memories that (As Arijit would place), burn the desires to leave those days!
Human beings have had always tried to clinch onto the happy endings, more so with the fear of facing the sad dudes! some shed a tear or two while others just break down the face of atrocities. Yet, they all try to become a winner. Humans look forward, unless he feels that he has come a long way from the place of comfort, and then when he tries to come back, the roads have lost its grandeur or the path has eroded with many tears that have incessantly dripped down the chins, when he moves far away.
Slowly but steadily, time runs out! Then no one can, ever make up for what he or she has lost. We say that we have not been given a chance, but the most pertaining question that burns in my heart is that have we ever given time and them a chance? We always complain that we have not g…

Time to Pay Homage.

Those days have gone when the cry for Indian freedom got aired from far off Myanmar, or the days when each and every Indian glued to the transistors just to have a piece of the valuable information of the war like scenarios on the Eastern frontiers of India, where the Tiger of Bengal, the heart of the Nation was penetrating the British forces. That great man is still remembered, but with the on going politics, the name of the man on the lips of the tainted politician seem a dishonour to him.
May be the Indian Courts have lifted the ban on cigarettes in the silver screens, Netaji was a smoker no doubt. But what seemed so hurting on such a day is that in a general convention to commemorate the day, I heard the local political committee were very relaxed and comfortable airing a popular Hindi number that goes like this: "काल..काल...हमतुमकरेंधमाल..." Fault would have been accepted but they left no space for their mistake to get the stamp of बीइंग forgiven as some of them were hav…

The Political Mumbo Jumbo...

SUCI, a trade union wing of the Left Front* in India called on a strike or in other words, official bunking of office, in the wake of increased price hike of petrol and LPG. With the international market price going up, the government was induced to create a hike which, in the next few days was scheduled to go down in another small recession with the international market price. The party spokes person cites this as a common man's cause, but as it turns out, this Bandh fails to be a national issue, yet the issue of concern is prevalent issue nation wide. Then what can be the real issue, latent as it seems.
Lets discuss the platform on which this strike may be called on.

* they sometimes, refrain themselves from calling themselves as Leftists!

In West Bengal, the left front government has been in power for more than three decades which is a history by its ow capability. But the occurences in the last two or three years have had changed the scenario drastically. With the prominence of t…


Pic: January 2007.

Both physical, marital, educational and financial. A lot of things have drastically changed in the two years. Physically, some have shrunken while others have swollen. Say for example, Sourav has had a shrunken dimension while myself have swollen to no limits! Educationally, I have gained a Masters degree, while others are B.E or B.Tech. Another, Soumillo is in his tryst with the MBA. Placement wise, Sangbaran is in EDS, Sourav is in Satyam, Sandip is in Huwaei while I am still trying to be in something. Location wise, Soumillo and myself are placed in Kolkata while Sandip is in Bangalore, Sanga is in Chennai while Sourav is in Hyderabad. But the biggest change that the two years have had made is the change in the marital status of one of our pals, that is Sourav who is now Married.
Post #230 did mention about thatm while this post #231 just recaps on the youth that we have had spent our time in...
Will miss those days!

Pic: January 2009.

A Change of Responsibility.

Sourav Bose, to most of us known as Pachu, gets married. The sounds of the Sanaii buzzed all around and it was some day to celebrate and cherish. An event that was awaited by most of the people in and around him, especially awaited by the close knit friends group, the S5, whose name has been frequently posted across this blog. But 18th January, 2009 was the last day when the group was named S5 as it got rechristened to S5D with the official incoporation of the newest member, Debalina, Pachu's wife. A love marraige that reached its pinnacle to attain completeness, and as Shakespeare would say, the Knot of Hymen getes tied in full aura blessings infront of the sacred fire.
May they live happily for-ever!

The Dream-merchant abodes his Dream Chariot.

Tapan Sinha, a man with his dreams all packed up in the small bag which once boasted to carry elephants for the little Meenu, gets sealed up in the Hall of Fame's closet for ever, never to be opened. The legendary director, rather call an Instituition takes his last breadth in a Private Nursing home, here in Kolkata, today. The news flashed like the swirling fire, that did char a lot of film lover's heart. His charismatic movies like Kabuliwalla, a film based on the storyline set by The Great, Rabindranath Tagore bears a feather in his quite a large hat. The snubbed voice, talking about elephants in his bag, Kabulliwala remains as one the greatest creations of Indian Cinema.
His first film was ANKUSH, based on the storyline set by Narayan Ganguly. Films like HATE-BAZARE, LOUHO KOPAT, SABUJ DEEPER RAJA, GALPO HOLEO SOTTYI, are some of his family movies understood by the masses. I can still relate my childhood viewing of Sabuj Deeper Raja which was a child fantasy, a story m…

Mummified Muse.

There is a wonder in everybody's heart and soul, as what can follow after death. Few, who have had the slight glance of it, coming out of the comatose lay off, speaks of an spectre of never before seen colours. Works of dying nerve? May be... then death is colourful.... God Knows! But yes, death has its own colour... Its just the way you see it... for, the colour black is mysterious that follows after death, and mystery always drains in the urge to know more... making the whole deal colourful..
Its not the hard and fast rule that you have to agree with my thoughts. Just felt penning down the point, and here I am with the point to make. May be it shall be a tryst to Finding Neverland, as no man can ever knwo what is it after death, for when he comes to know about it, it will be too late to speak out.....

Kolkata Book Fair 2009--- A new Look.

One of the Biggest names in the world of exhibition and fair, is the Kolkata Book Fair, which a decade ago was better known as the Great Calcutta Book Fair. After a turmoil in the last year's location, this year the Book Seller's and Publisher's Guild, the official organization that has been organizing the fair for the past 30 odd years, plans cut the red tape for the fair on 28th January 2009 to 8th February 2009. The Milan Mela, near Topsia-EM Bypass connection, opposite to Science City, will be the new host venue, which as per the chalked out plan would be the future consolidated venue for all the big fairs organized in the City of Joy. If you think that, this is what senses to be uniquely new feature of the fair, then you are wrong my dear people.
Due to a financial crunch, the guild has decided to sell a theme song cassette or CDs for the fair. The lyrics and tune has been sewn into trance the listeners, and that has been made by the great percussionist Mr. Bi…

The Common Man.

A Wednesday, a movie that played a major havoc all over the nation for it's highly efficient usage of technology in "suppressing" terror. Quite ironical, as the phrase should have been, use of technology to cause terror, but I do write that it has been a short sleek movie, where the soul of a common man awoke to suppress terror... at least the dialogue paid emphasis to the concept of cleaning one own backyard! It goes like this... अगर कोई cockroach आपके आँगन में घुस जाए, तोह आप उसको मार देते हैं ना ? वोही में भी कर रहा हूँ...! Quite following the lines of Aamir Khan's hit, Rang De Basanti, where the common man's lad shot dead a corrupt minister in the quest to clean the system. But this film has acclaimed all kinds of applause for the sake of depicting as to how a common man feels after the constant bombardments in the name of religion. They call it Jihad... for what that a common man like me knows not for what?!
A short film, which was direct onto the point; No m…

The last look....

Howrah, platform number 8. Amritsar Mail, 19:10 hours IST. Right on time, very rare, but very unfortunate as the rare auspicious thing happened when the time was really demanding, for a small stay of our beloved pal, Avisek Basu. The locomotive slowly gained speed. A WAP4 engine slowly made the look finer and smaller as the coaches rattled by. Avisek looked back, looking unto us back in his home town here in Kolkata, his beloved Lyaad group members Joydip, Budhaditya and myself, his very close pal Soma and his maternal brother Guddu, all waved to him. Then round the turn he disappeared. The drag of the coaches smudged us with the whiff of chilled air, making us shiver back to reality. This same station we have met a lot of times, different venues. Be it our short tours to Barrackpore and Khardah, long tours to Ghatshila or Digha and some mini night over at Diamond Harbour. They all came back, reflecting their images in the pool of tears. But the wripples did shine with hope for a new …

Post #224.

Simple, but strange. Can anyone relate that reducing global warming can bring you with terms to know the streets and the roads better. Unknown fact, but can be easily related. Previously, I used to prefer walking rather than going to places with any means of transport. It did cost the meager pocket money heavy. Now I have the space to spend, having an own income source. Pursuing onto such an income source, while teaching a standard 5 student, I came across a simple term to prevent air pollution and hence global warming, by reaching places of mild distance on foot. I do that, but with a different motif of course.
Thanks to that age old habit, I know a lot of places in Calcutta, now Kolkata, thanks to a good sense of direction and navigation. I have a number of followers too in this matter of finding out places in Kolkata!
What a post! Will not gain in any T.R.P that's for sure!!! Anyways, who cares... I like writing, be it sense or nonsense! after all, my tag line goes something …

Counting Luck.

pOST # 223

Today, at 1400 IST, I was having my lunch. It struck upon my raised curiosity that I am watching a program on the TV, regarding fortune telling. It would be a completely blunt lie if I say with the modern note that I don't Believe all these, but yes I would most humbly admit that to some extent these seem to be quite interesting, at least to imagine a picture about what the predictions claim to portray! This man, in Channel Vision was talking incessantly predicting as well as tellig the past of the people who called upon him over the telephone, where he predicted their future and neatly told the details of their past, gathering approval. It made me quite curious about the man's power, whether for real or fluke!
Gaining some momentum and I tried to figure out my birthchart, online! It really surprised me that the Google search brought forward so many options, when I searched for Free Birth Chart Maker. You will get about 397,000 options.
I clicked onto the first link, w…


Post #222:

Its been quite an awkward long break that I have taken from blogging, as 4 days is a long time since I last wrote down anything in here. But, I have been busy in my concentric spheres of life. Going to the relative's place, followed by the own tiny winy work at the small business managed by my mom, carrying out my future plans... time just passed away. But today, the whole day was very very calm and cool... with lots of smile being gifted to my lips. It felt nice, although the hint of winter is off the Kolkata air.

Met Soumillo yesterday, as we shared some thoughts over the future across the coffee table. Before it was late, we just joked over experiences of the past with S5... and then we were pretty happy with the eventual action that would take place within a fortnight's time... A very special event awaited in everyone's life... and with a closed knit friend's circle, this is going to be very very special!

So long to report in my personal digita space, but I…

Snippets from The Greens...

2009 started off with the Post #220 and this is post #221. It had been a long stroll over the Kolkata Greens. Some call it Brigade Parade ground, some call it the Maidan which in the colloquial language means the field.
The eve of new year started from there. It was smog all around, but amidst the incessant resistance from the auto-rickshaw union to go against the Government and Judicial norms to modify their three wheelers, the green lungs of Calcutta announced its importance to go with the new amendments. The pollution have eaten away most of the scenic beauty of the place. Not to mention the ever wandering fauna, the Aves and the grasshoppers...which yesterday felt so lost in the dense mist that covered all around. The temperature was dropping steeply. My wait continued into the evening, when suddenly an idea about the smog hit land and the need to have the new upgraded vehicles on the Kolkata roads hit my conscience and I came forth with this picture. The beauty cant be ignored, am…

Welcome 2009.

New year brings with it, many new hopes as always. But this time round, I hope to stick by my principle to have some better and bigger blogging. May be a different name or an outlook is on its' way, but today, it was a new year which never was with new people.
While making myself comfortable with the morning cup of filter coffee, I never expected to spend a day like I did today. Yesterday, many of my Presidency mates have met up with Charmi who had come down to Calcutta for a short break from her busy schedule. Today, by the stroke of the stars, I met up with her and had some nice moments gossiping about our college life that we have had left behind some three whole years ago, in literal sense... today its 2009 ( if you remember). From then on the idea of having the year start on an old note never was the MOST prominent factor, but eventually it turned out to be so... except if you leave aside the preparation of Chilly Paneer. Now that is something that I have been taking up as a h…