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Post Christmas and Pre-New Year...

The River Cruise.

Post Christmas, me and a few of my Presimates have made our way to one of the most rustic landscapes of Bengal, which has become very popular these days, as a nearby, riverside picnic spot. The place, as mentioned earlier is called Gadiara, in the Howrah district. Its a 2- 2.5hrs drive from Kolkata, taking the Second Hoogli bridge [Vidyasagar Setu], falling into the Bombay Road. 30mins from Toll Tax at Kona Expressway, comes a Bi-furcation from where you take an hour drive to the spot.

The Picnic ground takes Rs. 400/- flat rate. If you want other open spaces, the banks of the river is viable choice as well. The Roopnarayan Tourist Lodge takes your luncheon order before 11AM, and prepares it accordingly. No problem, with the quality, its comparable to the best hotels in Kolkata.

The River cruise was fabulous. How can I forget about the Sunset... although thanks to a few friends of mine, I couldnt get through the scenery to the max, but I managed to get through with one.…

3 IDIOTS: A Review.

Can anyine guess Aamir Khan's age? Looks he has just graduated from some college, how about ICE, ahem, as Boman Irani - The Virus would say, the Imperial College of Engineering.

3 Idiots hits the theaters and the fever of feel good, this winter, spreads across the nation like anything. Some morning news paper did write about the film being all about gyaan [Philosophical knowledge] and less about entertainment, which a film should always have, but in my court of review [my blog], I would say it was a healthy gyaan with lots of laughter and snippets to cry. Enjoyable.

The Vinod Chopra production and the direction of Mr. Hirani, with lively tincture of the Shantanu Moitra as  Music composer, the Chetan Bhagat's adaption of Five Point Some Onewas brought to life by magical plot arrangement. A story which was told 90% in the background, with a charismatic drive from Shimla to Manali  and then to Ladakh makes the film come close to the warm generous friendly heart of each and every sp…

Back to Presi Days...

And bang it is...

The best thing that I used to do, i.e organize a trip is the way, I will be pressing the F5 button of my life, in an endeavor to refresh and relax the year end. The protagonist of the idea, being Sukesh, who on one fine night called me up for a plan of Re-Union in form of a picnic in the outskirts of Kolkata. Brief meets were conducted, and finally the gang of 8-9 people will be heading towards the unchartered territories of Howrah district, namely Gadiara.

About 2 1/2 hours drive from the city of Kolkata, Gadiara stands as an unchartered territory [almost], placed at the confluence of Hoogli-Rupnarayan. The conjunction is so wide that it takes to compare a sea to it. Localites and people who have paid a visit to the place, a day's picnic, says the Sunrise as well as Sunset is fabulous. Just waiting to witness the beauty of nature on 27.12.09, when I along with 7 others from my Presidency years plan to pack their small bags and head for a picnic.

Reminds me of the t…

Scars: The Concept of "Tera-Mera"

I have referred to the film Paa, in my previous article. A pertinent topic arises in the Indian politics, that can be referred to Paa... In the film, Avisekh Bacchan plays the part of an young political visionary, trying to change the face of India. In the school, where Auro [Amitabh ji] studied, a New India Vision contest was organized [and the film started from there]. There Auro had made presentation "by mistake", which won the first prize. Its a "white globe", rightfully portraying all as ONE entity, erasing the borders and the "Scars"

Leave the film aside, for now. Its the Scars that will be redrawn on the face of my country... and there comes the concept of Tera-Mera, in english: Yours and Mine. The hot topic is not new, but renewed! The demand for a seperate state of Telengana, in South India reminds so. The process started from 1905, when the British, in the hope to rule India by dividing it, seperated Sind from Punjab and East Bengal [now Banglade…


Time for a Film review and its up with a big film, the Biggie. Rightfully said by the man's better half, Mrs. Jaya Bacchan as "Introducing Amitabh Bacchan", in the prelude of the film, this film has introduced the man who has have made the difference in the Indian film industry for over four decades. Awarded the Doctorate in Acting by the prestigious Cambridge University, this man knows no limits.

The recent film called "Paa..", I was heaving a doubt as to if the film was based on the short life of the Maestro, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, with a character name of Auro, why wasn't the film named so, as the whole screenplay revolved around this person. Auro, a name that has an aura to establish the difference be a cute "normal" child with the cute "progeric" child. Auro has the rare genetic disorder called Progeria, which in the scientific technicalities means the rapid rate of ageing of a child, which is normally four to five times than normal. I…

Being Numero Uno...

Finally in it's 77 years of History, the Indian Cricket Team finished the decade with being Numero Uno, of the new millenium. The achievement was completed on 6th December, 2009 at Mumbai when the team beat Sri Lanka 2-0 in the three test match series, at home.

"Its tough to hold on the crown", the Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni uttered at the Press meet. With 124 points to her name, India topples the year long numero uno, South Africa at 122 points while the ever strong number one scorchers Australia lag in third with 116 points in the ICC Test Team Point tally.

Reverberrating some of the comments, I would like to point out that this build up to the number one spot started a decade back when India, at the end of the 1990's started winning overseas. Beating Australia in Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and then Pakistan on their home soil had made the team grow in confidence, day in and day out. With a recent bubble and shuffle in the ODI rank where India have c…

Talk For India.

The temperature count in Kolkata, India is one of the coldest Novembers in fifty years, given to it's advent [which according to the MET office is about a fortnight ahead.] Its chilling 17'C, two-three notches below normal! But, it was more chilly a year ago in November 2008, in another metropolis of the nation, Mumbai. Yes, I am talking of the malice Taj-Nariman Point incidence, where for 56 hours, bullets flew across the heart of Mumbai and across the mind of every Indian. Over hundreds injured and many matyred, given to the assurance of the safety of the mother land. From the high ranked officials of the Indian Police Force, Mumbai division to the many sepoys, lay cold on the bloody streets of Mumbai, thanks to the infiltration and terrorism aided by a neighboring nation!

This year, Idea Cellular, a Birla concern has come up with an innovative "IDEA". The TALK FOR INDIA policy, where to commemorate the initial moments of 26/11/08 [popularly known as 26/11], where b…

Apologies n Thoughts...

Since my re-incarnation in the field of Biology as a potent researcher, self-timed life has really been hard to come by. Leave aside the time to read the news paper, sometimes, eating a small apple by the window of the Institutes corridor seems an hour wasted! Its time to learn the techniques and explain the technicalities. I apologize to the people who have been feeling neglected via this blog portal.

Today, at 12:45PM, I sit alone in this room, trying to figure out the members and the participants in the AICCG [All India Congress of Cytology and Genetics], that involves a 4 day long conference with lot of activities and a grand workshop. Please refer to the website: although, the registration is over for the year. I am proud to participate in this and am eagerly looking forward to some of the great thinkers in the field.

Yesterday one of my Lab-mate, Dr. Pritha Ghosh had forwarded me a mail that is really horrendous to know and also under…

How to Become Rich...?

And the Question is How?

What did you think of? What's the target? The budget? Any idea... Well, my dear friends, its time to think as to with What do we consider ourselves rich? Is it money? Is it this green back or purple back that always volunteers when we give our valuable space in lifetime to think of becoming rich? Filthy rich?!

I will just cite an example, where amidst having all the scopes of becoming rich the monetary way, I have become poor....

There is an urge, an urgency to go abroad to pursue my PhD as well as become successful in the best possible way. With some of my juniors already making their way, it has become a thing of concern as to losing up an year. With age increasing, and the few white hairs are increasing on their family, it has really become tough to concentrate on matters of concern apart from academics.

A very good friend of mine, makes it prominent, that I should take my stance in a balanced way, but as it is with the urge of increasing knowledge, I h…

Reverting Back.

Enough of the Corporate world. Its time to get back to the ROOTS, where every passion started. Its just another try to get back into the known world of Biology and handling the eekie blood samples to the sputum... Time to Test them for any kind of abnormalities in the basic blue prints of life.

With this aspiration in mind, I hereby come to the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, to work out on the genetic toxicology.

More details to follow soon....

Its just my first Official day of joining the laboratory, but I have already been a veteran for over two days handling the lymphocyte cultures and the phase contrast microscope.

Aahhh.... I love them like never before. May be such a co-orporate exposure has left a lasting favoritism towards the life of Research in the field of Biology and I will ever inch towards being successful in the field of Cancer Biology. Lets see what's in store.

3 Days Drama.

Since October 5th, 2009 I have been at home, having resigned from work and keeping all my fingers crossed after the October 10th, 2009's announcement of the CSIR-UGC NET results where I did crack a position. Time had not been idle, running to places with the desire to talk to the few scientists especially in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology, with my special emphasize on Cancer and related work.

But for the past one week I had almost no work, but things changed midway, when a three day drama concluding yesterday. Some regions of Indian Union have always faced terror and unrest from the Maoists since the mid seventies. They fall under POTA and are an illegal organization by Indian Law. Any person having any link with the people in the organization are considered to be terrorists, threatening the Indian Internal securities and are valid prisoners in the name of the law.

Maoists have always managed war in exile and under cover from the forests of Central India, that expands to st…

....... A Few Words.

Ah... Many might have given into the idea that after my year's 100th post, I have come to a stand still. Well there you go: My 101st post for the Blogging word. Let me acknowledge the fact that a number of things have had taken place along with the recently concluded festivities of Diwali and Kalipuja as well as Bhai Phota or as other parts of India would exult to as Bhaiya Duuj. [Well there are also few candidates who might think that I have stopped Blogging for some reasons which they believe is the best they understand... well I know you will not understand, as the preceeding statement is for them who sometimes make me very important and search by my name... Thank You!!!]

A number of ideas have come across in my mind in the past 11 days, which can be jotted down as below:

1) The Austerity Drive by the Central Government has led to many MPs take the digital route into Tweeting. I thought out an unwritten article on the matter, which I think I will incorporate in a few days time.


The New Mobile Age.

Lucrative? Well I thought so....

TATA DOCOMO has come to India with the 1sec call tariff all over India. The price is: 1p/sec for a life time offer without any bonus packs. Seems great, atleast to those who have their loved ones on an STD line! The tariff comes for any and every networks all over India. With a handful galore of packages starting from 1sec ISD pulse.

AIRCEL and Tata Virgin are also not far behind in this aspect!

The 1 second pulse might feel sensational, but it has it's own loopholes. Seems pretty decent to use but you can get better offers with AIRTEL as well, like The Special 5 where you can call anyone @ 20p/minute. That's 1/3p per second. If you need to talk for long on a local loop-a-loop, then that's the best plan. Such a plan exists with Vodafone India as well.


>> Now a common man would be induced to think, just as what I am thinking: MAINTAINING TWO SETS. The 1sec plan sets for the "Others" to talk while the 20p/minute plan for …

Orkut "Promote": Helpful Tool.

Today, every one knows about ORKUT. The first ever massive social networking, following whose model, Facebook and Ibibo came upfront. Now-adays, both Orkut and Facebook has a fan following which also has it's regular arguments, without which the matter seems very tasteless. To help out the fans, both the portals are bringing in innovative ideas, firstly to be better and then to keep the argument on!

The initiator was Facebook. It had many interactive features and games, that one can participate and with a result, can spread the word and enable others in the friendlist to directly compete as well as others all over the world compete and make it a global phenomenon. Still, I prefer Orkut coz it seems more soothing to the eye while talking and searching out friends and contacts! Its much more composed, compared to the appearance of Facebook. But without further indulgence into the debate and getting biased towards Orkut, although I have account in both, I would love to close down int…

Pujas 2009: Sasthi

This year round, to make my blog a place with a tinge of a tang, I will be posting a day to day event and list down the number of places covered during one of the greatest festivals of ManKind, the Durga Pujas. For past 1 month or so, my blog has been flooded with such articles, entitled the Pujas 2009. But this is the foundation stone of a very personalized criticism of the various pujas that the eyes of the blog owner [i.e ME] have rolled upon.

I start with Maha Sasthi, the day of strength and poweress of the goddess durga. Although I have been hailing in the office yesterday as well as today [24/09/09], which had not been the cae in the past 10 years, when my Pujas always started with the inset of Panchami. Still, nothing can be done, except that after completing my work at office, I headed out, did some shopping and then with the remnant time, managed to scrape out some valuable moments and went to Suruchi Sangha.

Picture by Somnath Paul.

Fabulous. In one word, they did stick to the…

My Schedule...

This is for the people and my friends, who can visit my orkut profile or a recently uploaded and linked in online album to get a look of the various pujas that I have for you. It will be, in short, a complete Puja Parikrama.

Some of the biggest names to be completed, but this time round, if the rain gods permit, I think I would penetrate the suburbs and the village pujas, just for the essence of puja!

Saptami: Morning ~ Behala Parikrama. Evening ~ Rashbehari & Kasba.
Astumi: Morning ~ Central & North Kolkata. Evening ~ South East Kolkata [Park Circus /Ballygunge]
Nabami: Not decided ~ but may go to Garia and beyond.
Dasami: The sad tunes of an end and a happy tunes of hope ~ Bhasan @ Babughat!

Think this will cover up every alley! Eh?

Season's Greetings...

I am bit busy now a days, to increase my ratings and bring back those readers who once came and peeped through my thoughts!

In the course of the day, I was searching something productive to be posted. The days are ahead with the festive season coming upfront and one of the biggest festival is on it's way: The Durga Pujas. I wanted to wish my fellow bloggers and all trhe people around the world about Happy Pujas, or as per as the bengali colloqui goes, "Sarodiyar Preeti o Suveccha". I tried to post a greetings card here and so I proceeded: " Pujas Greetings + HTML Code". Google gave me thousands of option but 123 is relied upon always and hence I came up to this link to budge me out of the place of unknown: Embedding a e-card in my blog. The site:

I click on to Share Options and here is what I have for you:


I have never been so perplexed. This is the fourth time I am completely editing an article. Initially this article started off with bashing Mr. Kapil Sibal, Honrb'l Union Minister of Education for Reforming the education system in India, which I believe is for the worse!

Then the hype of the tour to Gadiara came upfront, so I redirected the thoughts to that!A day before the scheduled tour, the tour gets cancelled and the post that I am editing was the one post cancellation ready to vent out the vexation! Frustation... Even one of my friend who is in a similar situation mentions in his Orkut Profile: thru d---'no memory' land!!!

But I always believe and look up for the positive, hence I will walk through the 'memory' path and recollect the last time I had a trip in the Durgostav with Sangbaran, one of the vibrant colours in S5!

It was way back in 2007. Back then, S5 was segregated by geography with Sourav @ Hyderabad while Sandip was @ Bangalore. Sangbaran was then a…

Direct from the OT.

The following will be received with un-adulterated precision. A common thing for a doctor and a normal thing for a biologist, especially a Physiologist like me. With the advance of mobile cameras, such pictures come to our social community network, thanks to some very good doctor friends, in their pre-matured era of being a Doctor!

The picture that is shown below is that of am amputed leg, with the pale white "bow" shaped article being the joint region of the femur with the lower bones of the legs. That region resides within the sinovial joint, protected by the patella. This is the terms that a common tenth standard can understand!!! The amputation is done by means of Gollitine [hope the spelling is right!] method.

The objective of the article is not to mention discuss about the ethics and whether one should publish such pics in the social networks or open forums like Blogs. I write this in support of the ideaof having a colour X-Ray directly from the table of the surgeon. Suc…

Offisial Atyachar.

Its time to tickle some of your funny bones with the new kid around you. A simple get-away company, an online tour company has made the moto of "WORK-PRESSURE" into something sensational, visiting which, I can ensure of having a good laugh and so will you.

The website is called: OFFISIAL ATYACHAR, a parody made from the tune of "EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR" of DEV-D, one of the biggest hits in 2008 bollywood cinema!

Please have a look through the video, to get a prelude of whats in the website. You have logging off tunes, of which the "Tridev" rocks! You have some downloads and others and at the end of the day, you will come up to one site being linked and patronizing the whole concept: GET A BREAK fro WORK, before you get BURN OUT WITH WORK!!

Enjoy the Video:

To visit the website, click here

The Wet Edge.

Its a long spell of torrential rain that have been soaking Kolkata, India for the past 24 hours. The spell, caused by an excessive depression over the South Gangetic Bengal, has carried along till date. Looking ahead, one with a mentality like me is naturally induced to write down a post with such a boring heading, WET EDGE!!! Come PINK feeling around!!!
With just three weeks left for the inception of Pujas 2009, the grand festival for a Bengali, a rain can be as sharp an indent like a blade, cutting through the hopes of fun with loved ones, family and friends, to the shredding filaments!
The thought came to mind, while I was strolling across the corridor, talking over the phone. There was a sharp shound of electric shock waves, followed by a huge bang! A thunder must have shoved past us whose shrill stringed noise made me stuch with awe! Then the person across the phone sa id, "If this continues, then Pujas are a gonner..."
Its very interesting to note the human mind. A…

Changing Guard in the Tube.

For the last two and a half decade, Metro Railways have always been the most sophisticated journey, a person can access to in Kolkata. The footfall accounts over 5 lakhs per day, with the very own Bengali festival days sees a footfall that exceeds a ten lakh! Awsome figure. A journey that took hardly 35 minutes from the North extreme of Kolkata to the Southern extreme, which on any other road transportation, given the lower passage way in the mega city would surely have taken more than two hour to complete!

With the name of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, the film icon of Bengali Movie industry, the new stations inaurganated by the Union Rail Minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee on 21st August met with awe, when the minister didn't invite the State Chief Minister, Mr. B. Bhattacharya for the occasion. Standing in the state capital, the State all in one was not commenced, and Ms. Banerjee let the gree flag wave announcing the metro service to be extended in the passage that would set in four new st…

Pujas Again... 2009.

Every year, this had always been a scheduled duty to remind the blog readers with the article entitled some where like this. "Pujo ese gelo.." or "Pujas are coming..."

Every year the occassion repeats, but has a new meaning. Some thing or the other changes in every one's life but the expectation of the festive season remains unchanged! Quoting a very good friend of mine from Presi Dayz, namely Moitreyi, who said Change is always constant! Today, I have a very different status to adore my belongings! Although my office will be open on Saptami i.e 25th of August, I shall be taking it off! Actually my Pujas had always started from Sasthi, the "sixth day", but this time round, this is ought to change!

After I got the licence to roam around alone, since 2001, for the past 5 years I have been engaged heavily with friends and close ones! In this transaction have always lost some quality time with my family, especially my mom. Hence this time around, I have pla…

Mangalkot: A place in Mangal...Mars!!!

Before anything can pass into your head, have a look in here to marinate yourself for the reality to come through my keyboard, very very soon! Have a look int this picture and tell me what is it?

The above two are simple pictures, snapped from Wikipaedia account for Democracy, and mind it, India is well placed in the safe zone for Democracy.

Now come to West Bengal.

All the pictures change in the micro-environment of a state, tainted Red in the regime of a party that supposedly has become an instituition in almost every right. After all, over 35 years of sitting at the helm of the State Machinery, that's over 50% time of a nation's independence is nothing but credit, something that they will try to bite into and cling forever!

But as mentioned always, the air is changing..and so is the picture of a "peaceful, no terrorism state" turning violent each and every day. The reason is simple, weakening roots always pay the price of the tree, making sounds of breakage or wreckag…

Hola, The 26th Mile!

Many people whom I expected a Call from will remember that missed the Train I was on when I was crossing the 26th Mile! That too, if they come by this blog article.

Many people will realise that I crossed the 26th Mile on August 8th, 2009 and may be spare me a congratulation on a belated note!

Many realizations will come by, but one realization always pins me into a renewed stream of sadness, that along with the 26th Mile, I have, invested in this day a sense of missing, catering it's 5th round in a row, when I see the seat beside me empty, where my Dad once held, a very special place. Especially, Aminia, where every birthday, till 1998 had I dinner of my favourite Biriyani with Mom and Dad! A school of thought, well said and remembered again.

Yes, the 26th mile is crossed with a tick on the ZEROth Hour on 8th August 2009. A small presentation, loved by mom, gifted to me a long time back [When I was nothing but Idle], is regifted to myself on this day. Have a look... just as silently…

Mistakes, even after death!

Comrade Subhash Chakraborty takes his last abode to heaven, but mistakes keep on get committed.

Just as shocking the news was, for Mr. Chakraborty conducted a meeting a week ago, regarding the transportation hindrances that the State vehicles had, last. Yesterday, his dead body gets burnt in the cremation center, in South Kolkata.

Approximately, two years ago, another Comrade, Mr. Anil Biswas also bid farewell to this worldly affairs, but never could one recall the mass and magnitude of crowd that congregated on the streets of Kolkata, to bid their last respect to the graet leader, whose comments were random and direct from the heart. He was the only man who feared none and even talked against the government as well as party policies, directly on face, being part of the Govt as well as the party. This did make the chairs of some emminent people tremble, but Mr. Subhash Chakraborty was a man of substance, help and goodwill.

Be it sports to personal studies, the man stood by the weak! Alt…

Friends... Friendship...etc...

Mind If I tell you a swine? If you mind, you are not my friend, for my friends know, why I asked you or better say, called you so!

How about getting all the doors locked behind and call upon the hectic schedule... You B**T***D! i guess you can understand what that means?! You are not a mumbo jumbo for not understanding that! Are you?

This is not a day to commemorate the past, for the first Sunday, every August is nothing but a gizmo deviced by the Archies and other card manufacturers to sell their cards! My Airtel already pounced in a sms declaring that the free sms plan will be off today, i.e 2nd August 2009. The simple reason, it's a friendship day! The young generation will ping out the smses: Hi...Happy Friendship Day or it can go like this Dear, wish you a very very very very.... [x million times] Happy Friendship Day! Alternatively, some on like me, can take the opportunity to wish the people in advance:

[dt: 01-08-2009]
Kal hain friendship day,
Aj hain sms free.
Kal nahee!
Iss liy…

Old Candy

Its been ages since I had a Candy Floss. The last time I remember, it was in December 2007. A pleasure trip to the handloom fair taking place at the newly assigned fair ground, called Milan Mela, near Science City, Kolkata.

Some how, the memories pinned me down in my bed, clad in the bed sheet, trying to kill the misty breeze.

Today while coming back from the office, I saw a 6 year old child, holding the last bit of the candy, wrapped pink with spotted reds round stick! He was eating less but getting entangled to the fibres more. Some flew in his hair, some caught his mother's hands and other hugged his soft warm bossom. He fought fought fought... till he engulped the last strand and threw the stick across!

He hated the stick... but that stick can bring two souls closer. Never imagined? Well see the pic then... to imagine... If you want to know more, to hear the story..wait a few more days...or mail me. May be I will tell you the story!! A sweet Story!

Twenty 20.

The last post kissed the gallows here at my blog was some 20 days ago. It was about a second, now I will be talking of 20 x 24 x 60 x 60 seconds to be approximate, 1728000 seconds to be more precise!

Recently I have been harvesting an idea which have been successfully post in Orkut: If pressure seems more than U can handle... U should understand, it's time to sharpen ur nails!!! The things are too alike to be false!

In these few days, my Boss had made his sucessful business trip to Europe. At office certain tensions crept in which coincided with my health matters! The air was too foul with the political hakuna matatas... The opposition being beaten up in Mangalkot, West Bengal. That followed by a very common picture, a Bandh, called by the Indian National Congress, West Bengal Chapter. This was supported by TMC, the major political wing and I slept at home, trying to come to terms with my ailing body!

[Pic: At Park Street Metro Station, Somnath Paul]

A transport strike followed, overs…

Faster than a second.

July 7th, 2009:

I was walking down the busy streets of Kolkata, rushing through the gloomy weather with hurry on my legs because I was damn late for the office. I had nothing to talk to, nothing to see for, only the second's hand of my TITAN wrist watch, trying to out run it by a second, every second.

But mysteriously, each tick on the second hand took me aback by twenty years, back in my school days. I could visualize flashing red lights. Some sounds tuned into my ears. Seemed like there was an out break of a war, some where I dont even know. But the sounds seemed familiar. I could relate them with me, which is mots surprising. I could see my first ever electronic gift, that my mom presented me when I was a kid of 8 years old.

A tear or two came across the corner of my eyes. I could feel running behind my mom, trying to chase her down with my toy gun. She would run as agile as a deer and I would frequently get upset for not catching upon her with my gun, "trying to save my king…