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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Yuva Music Festival 2014 : The Cords for Peace

Inspired by the verse of Swami Vivekananda, Music is the highest form of art and for those who understand it, it is the highest form of worship, the upcoming seven day Yuva Music Festival, 2014 expands it's wings to flutter like a dove of the Trinity and spread the message of humanity through the right cords; the Cords of Peace.

In a world of social unrest, music have always played an important role as a reformer. The tool to find solace, Rajanikanta Sen wrote: mayer deowa mota kapor mathai tule ne re bhai, din dukhini ma j  toder r j kichu sadhya nai; (Translated from bengali): Feel great to clad in the coarse clothes stiched by your mother, since she has done what she could from her resource. A song that was part of the Bengal Renaissance, waking up the social sentiment to relate with the fact that being proud part of the land means more than  serving the foreigners, the then ruling oppressive British. History also earmarks a verse-transformed song " I have a Dream" by ABBA and WEST LIFE that still to this date, taps the feet of the standing audience. The speech from where the song originates once made headlines and shattered the very foundation of society, demanding for a relief from the social disease of racism. 

Martin Luther King Jr, he had a dream... so does the people walking on this earth. The disease is not yet banished and it was time to retrace the paths trodden. To retrace the evolution of mankind. Literature holds the testimony, even Nero played the harp when Rome was burnt,  the Piper of Hamelin drove the mice away, Tansen could light the fire with Raag Deepak and bring rain with Meg Malhar. Such is the power of music.

Academy for Musical Excellence and Communications (AMEC), believes in that idea, nurturing talents to harness the power of tunes to soak into the souls and Yuva Music Festival, 2014 looks forward to that. Come July and August, 2014, AMEC shall bring forth India's Biggest Western Music Festival for the Youth, the future of the Nation at Kolkata.


IF YOU DO... Then do be a part. 

After all Swamiji said, Everything must be sacrifices, if necessary, for that one sentiment: Universality. 

Music is Universal... Come, Lets Celebrate!

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