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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Silence prevails before the storm,
The rainbow curls up at the bottom of every fall,
A place, where there is full of turbulence, splatter and patter.
The water drops chills your cheek, your eye lid and your lips.
Come thou the wind,
The spine becomes stiff,
It breaks, but never bends!

The recent events at Jadavpur have been several such turbulence that I have seen and gone through in my student life. It pained to see the whacks that were delivered upon the torso of the silent protesters, bring up the bitter visions of #Nandigram, back in 2007. There was a wind of protest, a chilling breeze of death that dropped the establishment of Red Bastion into the dust! Dirt Bite!

Today, the colour have changed (#Poribortan), a change that  majority wanted... but the colour is not the only change desired! Colours can have bring no harm. They make the life beautiful. The change we wanted was in administration, but unfortunately that went unheeded.

#HokKoloRob is the tensed hash tag, that warrants for a new revolution brewing up. After all, in the words of McGannon : "Leadership is action, not position"; I believe the voice of Jadavpur and the student fraternity as a whole shall be towards true leadership in all practical sense.

Till then, the storm will brew in the cup of coffee of the "leaders" from all clans. #HokKoloRob.

Photo Credit: Ronny Sen.

Somnath Paul Photography


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