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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Scientific Jargon.

I came across a post today on facebook, regarding the 21 great contribution to the World by Indians; ancient Indians I mean. I knew a few like metallurgy, ocular surgery, plastic surgery and microwave inventions that Indians contributed and that changed the face of Human Civilization. I didnot knew that flush was an Indian invention, dating back to Mohenjodaro Harrappa. You all can have a look into these facts and admire, then click on below:

But in the present context, you have your limitations. Inventions and discovery cannot come without research and today, you stare into the world of uncertainty with no money to work with and research slumping into the dungeons. Notifications like a blue moon flickers "NEW" on the webpage, announcing a sudden change of plans to delay the fellowships. A recent event will ear mark down the memory lane.

And still we bask in the glory of science and arts, inventions made by our forefathers! They were simple and political free? Well, they were clever and they knew how to live through the ages with their work and contribution. Today's godfathers know they won't. So they are eating merry as much as possible, possibly stuffing before their journey to Hell! And the door for the Hell opens in May 2014.

Till then...

Lick on the history!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Great Indian Circus.... Again.

It started and carried over half of a decade ago; and it has started off now. The great Indian circus of election, in the largest democracy of the World. With that starts the commotion, hints of violence and marring images, where only the common man gets hurt or delayed!

I condemn the incidence that occurred in Delhi (Again!!) where a student from Arunachal Pradesh was man-handled and literally thrashed to death. I pray for Nido's peace; but the circus lies in everyone jumping the gun to take the lime light in condemning the act and then there are images of people self-declaring that they are Indians and not Chinese! Demographically and genetically, the North-east population of India has a developmental outlook that has similarity with the mandarin cult. But, they are no doubt Indians...equal! Ahem! I have a point to establish! Are they... why only they....? Are all Indians equal?

I am not talking of financial equality! That cannot be achieved as there is and will always be a socio-economic divide as long as civilized urban life style exists! But are we equal? If so, then being a General Candidate, I wouldn't have had to face such a dubious debacle in getting a position...

As long as Indians don't come out of thinking in the community lines, such divide shall persist! And then...there will always be some lakhs of fools who will crowd the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata... making life of the common Kolkattans difficult!

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