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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Draconian Devil.

Getting the Blessing from the Devil? well its just like the other way....getting the blessings from Goddess Kali to kill the devil..rather say the Evil...She is a four handed Hindu figurine who is being worshipped each year with lots and lots of light and fire crackers which again come in the auspicious moment of Diwali that whole India Celebrates.... 2006 was no exception and Diwali this time round was really something to be remembered!
Pray the coming year comes with the best news possible for almost every one!!!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

I Miss Them...

The Best Days of my life...Today I stand at the start of another new life, the post graduation, but still today those days at the Undergraduate level in Presidency College will always be missed. Those were days of turmoil, but we managed to live it out...may we thought that its boring out there, and taht when will we be able to get out of all that junk of a place....but some how...from somewhere, when evr i se this photograph, the last ever of a group taken the bio chemistry lab, i really feel so so to i believe that what may be the conditions back then, i would like to relive those moments, like hell...

Today, sitting and doing Masters in Genetics may be an interesting propagation, but somewhere down the line, I miss some of the really interesting places of Presidays, like the Derozio Hall, the Balcony, Pramod Da's Canteen and the Fields....I also miss departmental LT..where you all just moved about as per your will. I really miss them.
Standing at such a juncture, i allow a tear or two roll down my cheeks..remembering me the warm days left yonder.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Godess Durga, the Biggest Bengali Festival called Durgotsav are very much linked with each other in the well knit feeling of well being and devotion... Durgapujas, in which the Bengali community all around the world are very much involved in praying to the goddess, on the other hand in this Festive season of autumn, different festivals occur through out the nation called India, whose culture and traditions have resisted the erosion of time! Godess Durga or Ma Shakti, all synonyms, is a ten hand goddess who was the diety of power and fertility, the diety for Goodness...and the winner over evil...
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