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The Knights trampled the Challengers.

It was a truly proffessional business, keeping aside the nationalities, the Kolkata Knight Riders, led by one of India's most successful captains, S.C Ganguly and attack spearheaded by the likes of Ricky Ponting. David Hussey and Brendon Mc Cullum ( who was the Man of The Match in the inaurgal game of the IPL.) He was also the higest Six hitter culminating a hefty 13 sixes in the innings and creating few milestones and history also. Mc Cullum opened the innings along with Ganguly in absence of yet another power hitter Chris Gayles. He is yet to be in the side.
Mc Cullum did hit the first six of the tournament off Zaheer Khan. He was also the pioneer as a half ton getter and a centurionin IPL at the Bangalore's Chinaswamy Stadium. His massive 158*, carrying his bat was the highest in the T20 history till date. He overtook the previous record set by his opponent team member of the day, C L White, which is 141*. The KKR were 222/3 at the end of 20 overs. In pursuit of the massive …

Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge- III


Meandering Ox-Bow Lake. It seems to be seperate water body, but its origin has the same source. Groupism was never a problem in those initial months. And why not, even the Lion feels good in His Den rather than infront of a mole hole...!

But it was after the first semester that the initial seeds of Lyaad Group got sowed. With a few elements out of the scenario, the Lyaad Group came into its colours! It was colourful especially thinking of the proper utilization of the free time cursing the GoneBy elements or going to the regular spots for our then "regulars"!

Amongst the maximal proportion of the time we either spent it in the Net Lab, sitting in the A.C. or boozing at Rauls!
One of the famous encounter at Rauls:
That Day the crowd was Hi Fi. We were the few college students who flocked at Bar. May be the seat where we were seated was reserved or some what something else, and the waiter serving at the table had a Rochchilde who came in after we did. He got v…

Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge- II


LUCIFERASE is an enzyme that helps LUCIFERIN emit fluorescent light creating the BioLuminescence!!!
This phase of Science College, did brighten up some characters, helping to understand them better. Better say, reading them and their character-Open Book!!!

With Digha on the tour iteniery, many people came close to this small caged heart. I still remember reaching late to Digha, with Joydeep, Avisek Basu and Arpita accompanying me in the bus journey. I still remember, how on Bassab's proposal we all sprang on our feet in the recess time of Biotech Class Room 1, so that we take up the challenge and show that we can also have a good time out with friends. The first tour party was huge! unexpectedly huge from my behalf...a very innocent acceptance of the fact!
This tour gave me agood insight of a number of people.... those will be highlighted in subsequent articles categorizedinto: "Memories".
For the time being here is the Video.
Coutesy: YouTube.
Creative …

Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge - I


When my Life will be written on the epitaph, by some Golden Angel, the investments and dividents of University College of Science, University of Calcutta will be written down as a whole new chapter, may be more than one chapter. Infact each semester does have its own pros and cons, with every aspect to be held infront of the wide eternal world.

Friends like Joydeep, Arijit, Basu, Budhaditya, Kanad, Dhiman, Arpita, Ankita and many more to name... and you get the fame!!!

Leaving Presidency college, coming to a peery environment of the University was little bit sulky day in and day out initially. Tried to find vents from where, the exhausted humid bored fumes would get released. The first semester ( Sep 2006- Dec 2006) went like that. Then came a turning point with the trip to Digha! It was something to be remembered, dreams realized like anything. Since the release of DIL Chahta Hain, I bet it has been the dream of any average teenager to have night out with friends, w…

Cup Of Tea.

Today, 11th April 2008, sitting in a chair placed comfortably in the balcony, I looked up in the heavens. Many stray crows made their way zig-a-zag, underneath the well organized clouds. The soft breeze kissed my cheeks, the Sun, which was blazzing hot just an hour ago, was now milder like the tea, which lay in wait for over a quarter of an hour, just to be sipped in. In this juncture of the slowly realized (but fast moving) time, did it dawn upon me, the pain of being a simply educated unemployed human being in the face of Life. This September-October, my formalities will be completed and my future will be at stake by the year end. May be, at the year round a good news of having let my foot set on the foreign soil will be realized, with all the honey on my palate.
Just as I was getting everything organized, a brisk missed call from Avisek Basu took be aback, on thy seat, recalling back all the Happy Moments that I did see come true in the dusk of student life.....

Making 2+2 = 4.

I know the values of 2 and also have the +, but the = waves to me like a distant dream. Very much misleading, very much time consuming... a mirage that seems to be a hard task to acquire proficiency in the career goal. Masks comes off amongst the Masquerade, the camaradie falls short to own's expectation. Yet the breath moves in and out, sometimes quite arrhythmic, sometime devasted. Yet will have to live... live in Life's own territory.