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Thursday, July 09, 2015

A month of NO 2 Minutes : Looking back to a busy lifestyle without Maggi.

Approximately a month back, Indian household faced the Lead hurdle and their easy gate away to a morning breakfast, lunch and even evening snacks crashed down like the crunchy uncooked "Maggi" noodles.

"Maggi". A term that needed no introduction. I guess, just like Abhimanyu learnt the way into the Chakravyuha, the new born learns and tastes the ecstasy of Maggi, right in his/her mother's womb. You don't need a father like Arjun to teach him that; even a lazy dad can make one 2 minute dish, with the best taste to offer.

Enough of the introduction. How have we fared amidst the dawn of "Maggi"-less diet?

I asked a few friends of mine and they came up with mixed reactions.

A: Its like living without peace.
B: I don't feel anything different! We have more reasons to worry than our platter (he dashed off to do his experiment). I got you bro!
C: Very difficult! There are so many more things and the Government wanted to ban the cheapest of them all. Something that in the easy reach of the common man. Started from 5 to 15 and then the mega packs! How could they do this! Shall we all eat Pizza now?

Dear C, Pizza is not always an option. In fact, Maggi has no alternative in it's truest sense. You can munch on healthy bread, butter and omlette; but when it comes to spicy tasty yummy something to start off. Something that you can stir even sleeping. Its always Maggi! If you are sleepy, the alternative food in form of bread will over heat and turn "carcinogenic" black! The omlete may not be perfectly shaped and in most of the cases, the sleep will turn that to a scrambled egg!

Being a researcher, I would say, the cause to ban Maggi is good. I have nothing to refute it. I was surprised that the safety regulation office woke up late. If it's lead, then Maggi is here in India, even before my birth! What were they doing back then and all these? God knows, when we will get addicted to something else, that day may be another Lead will drill through our household and our pockets!

Although I am having difficulty. I will not complain against the decision. I would just pray that the Nestle brings out Maggi once again, after meeting through all the guidelines. Hope to see that day soon!

Looking forward to you dear,

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