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Unpacking Thoughts

Calcutta Boys' School, which many other jealous school goers use to identify with their dress that looks like a "waiter", but we always enjoyed our identity as the school, who had the purity (white) as well as the mystery evil, when required (black). And being to school, was more than to identify oneself beholding the pride and tradition of CBS ~ a CBSite!
Today, while browsing through the various pages of facebook (our job eater); I came across a customized page that looked like one of the recent comic relief page; the Bongtips. Similarly there, in front of my eyes, was CBS Tips. Novice and very amateur, the page is a real treat to the Alumni, who can relive the sentences in their memory and think of what they did, back school.
I personally liked a few, of which I would like to mention a few and the art they taught me, which till date, helps!
CBS Tip #13: Only a CBSite can go to the school canteen with an empty pocket and come back with a full stomach. As it is, its tr…


Today, with every passing minutes,     My mind wanders away from me - My laughter scrapes through the abyss,     My tears break down my lips -
Is it you whom I have been missing?    Or, is it the wonder of thy smell?            Trance -              Enchanted; It embosses upon myself.
I hate it when I don't feel it!      But then I close my eyes, I speak upon thy image -      I embrace thy bye!
I miss you dear!

Abar Ahiron

With the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, Ahiron never planned a old schedule get smeared with the daily chores. There was fun and frolic, to welcome the new year and we made it in good stead at the end of Year 2011 and start of 2012.

Pestered with the thoughts of getting into the groove of the winter, it bid a temporary adieu during that time. The dew seemed warm, never the less it was shining like a diamond. It was back to history.  A joy ride into time, with good company. When the smoke embossed the ambiance with its grey lines, whisky cheered its golden way down the throat. There was mystery that was stitched with every drop of the golden fluid. And then came the power cut on the night that we were about to leave.

Prized, at it was. We left it to thyself, planning to revisit the mood, whenever time is ripe again!

My first post in 2012. Its just a new beginning and a belated Happy New Year...

Ahiron, 2012.