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Whole Blood DNA Isolation Protocol

I am writting down the protocol for the DNA Isolation via Salting out process from blood. Gives good yield of DNA. A260/280= 1.6-1.8 (best)
1) Solution A Haemolysis Solution * Prepare fresh or use a solution prepared in 24 hrs and stored at 4'C. Final Volume (ml):          1000                    750                     500                  100 Sucrose (g):                   109.5                   82.125               54.75                10.95 1M MgCl2 (ml):                5.0                      3.75                   2.5                     0.5
Dissolve the above in autoclaved water. Do not autoclave after dissolution as it can char the sucrose.
Add Triton X @ 1% of the final volume.
2)  Solution B  WBC Lysis buffer * Prepare fresh or use a solution prepared in 24 hrs and stored at 4'C. Add SDS prior use. Final Volume (ml):           100                      50 1M Tris-HCl;pH ~8 (ml):   40                        20 0.5M EDTA (ml):              12                   …

Tell me how to win your heart...

For I haven't got a clue-

But its always you and me and everything new!!

Five years of walking together under the welkin, its approaching a new beginning. Its calling for the violin, the cakes, celebrations and many more. But when the time for these will run down, its just me... and you!

Changing defines my life, since when I met you. From the novice walker in the park, you made me transform into a steady feet! You have pulled me out of the several ideas of changing tracks. You derailed my corporate "passion" to the real me; making me comfortable in what I did and do and will keep on doing. May be that's the clue where I won your heart and you- won it long before you even thought about winning it.


Its just me and you.

Story of a Little Indian State: Himachal Pradesh (Part 4)

The fourth part of the story was long due.
It was time to move out of the State Capital and romp towards the northern Himachal, 300KMs from Shimla, to a famous tourist destination called Manali. (Not Manila, as many flips their tongue!)
Manali is beautiful, no doubt, but this post is based on the beauty that the roads towards Manali that holds the lens (eye/camera), pop out of the window; throughout the journey. Residing at the foothills of the Upper Shivaliks, near the meet point of Beas, Manali is like Haridwar for Beas. For more than 70% of the journey, which took a good 6 hours in the Alto, we traced River Beas. The pebbles of the river bed executed some of the colours, close to nature.

The river had its own succulent nature. It accelerates suddenly, while slows down the flat valley. On either side lies the barren apple orchards. sibce we visit just after the apple's season, we missed the fruit from heaven, hanging, just like a common "wild" fruit around! Our driver…

6 years, many new things to learn!

... and I just feel I have just started; although the feeling gets interrupted abruptly, as you can see the dropping stats in my frequency in blogging out thoughts. But, guess, that's how life moves into senescence drive from adolescence! Blog too follows the rule as its life, itself!
Since 2006, my romance with this small space had started and I have tried to make it large. My history claims that I have had 1,33,200 hits since 2008, which makes a good 26.6k hits per annum. Only that my adsense doesn't pay up much as my friends only love to read my thoughts rather than search some items or products from my blog! Come-on! i am not! Am I? (but sometimes money also makes me miss it's presence by "selling" my thoughts)
Some simple stats:
Till now I have had posted 450+ articles. Many have had received it's comments and due share of respect, with people liking it and mostly are being channeled by Google Search and many through facebook and previously t…

Life for Others, Smile for Us.

Many movements have been organized all over the word, to bring and shape (also reshape) the human society, culture and civilization. I am happy, that I am part of one such movement, myself. Something that I loved doing and will keep on supporting till I am able to.
Rakshabandhan For Education (RFE), is an non-government organization, gathering funds to enlighten the the poor backward areas, with the light of knowledge, making them enlightened and getting a smile in  return; just to smile back. I, Somnath Paul, am a scholar from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata and am loving my activity as a member of RFE-IICB Chapter and our tryst to bring forth knowledge.
What is RFE? An NGO that solely believes in making good talent shine through proper channels and for that the paper support (be it monetary or books) is provided by the organization.
What is RFE-IICB Chapter? We, the people from IICB, believe in donating some of our allowances for the noble cause. We basically target i…

Kony 2012: A Movement with a difference

Search google with the sun-storm of 2012, and every fifth link, you will find the movement impregnated, called Kony 2012. Its a movement, for a cause. Normally, with the modern political scenario like the Wall Street Fiasco later last year in USA or the Saddam Mission in Iraq, Gaddafi Movement in Libya or the Laden Assassination in Pakistan; a movement is mostly against the governmental efforts. Take for the Indian scenario. From Union Government's head-ache with Anna Hazare to the Stately matters of Mamata in West Bengal or Maya-Mulayam in UP, movements have shaped governmental policies from array to disarray or vice versa! In short, its against them.
But, movement Kony 2012, is to plead the government (international body) to take steps in arresting an atrocious dictator of Uganda,. Joseph Kony, who walks in the worng path of the righteousness, mutilating the verses of The Ten Commandments, to whip out gains from the Ugandians!  Kony 2012, is the motion to make this man famous, …

Kahaani: A Story of Anticlimax

Even the Gods admit: "Superb".

The movie will make money, but it will keep the legacy of being a thriller, where woman-hood wins the theme. I don't believe in writing down the script, as its upto you to pay and cherish the charisma, I just want to pen down the impeccable work by director, Sujay Ghosh and the acting by Vidya Balan and Parambrata. Revolving around the festive season of Durga Puja, the film upheld the tradition and rituals that the Bengali Festivity offer as it worships the strength of the Goddess. Just like Goddess Durga killed the demon (evil) Mahisasura, unvieling all the deceptions possible; the same is refelcted here.

Since, it is released on 9.3.12; hence, I would not kill the interest that the film deserves. You should go and watch it, as its better than Gupt. Dynamic, subtle and juicy! Just tailor made for near three hours of entertainment (including the commercials). You will love it!

I give it 9/10, not only for entertainment, but for the food fo…

The Great Wall of India

This is what I wrote on Facebook Today:
I used to hear from my dad and grand dads, about the pace of 60's and 70's, from the Windies. I will tell my offsprings and theirs', about the blades of 90's and 00's, from the Indies. One of those blades, retires today. The Wall, Mr. Rahul Dravid- You will be missed. You gave the country a lot; that cannot be defined. Thank you for standing in the middle!!
True, to the realization, when I was browsing the channels after a day's fight amongst colours and booze, I was throttled with the news, followed by several memorable matches and years that this man has given to the Indian as well as World Cricket fans.
Clubbed into the 10,000 runs getting players' Hall of Fame, Mr. Dravid have been  an inspiration to many hopeless, in several occasions, when he pushed the brakes to the India Wicket Slide. Also considered the member of the emminent Fav Four Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman, spelled doom, any day.
The most mesmeriz…

What to write?

It seems that with dried up funds, my blog posts have also dried up. Rather say, I spend so much time in brain draining, on my research, that I find subdued times to work on this aspect of my life: Blogging! Never the less, I am on the blank canvas and am ready to paint it with what have been in and out in my life for the past month.

Not a digital diary; at least I shall try not to make it one.

With Sandip tying the knot with Susmita, Debmita taking her step into the life of being a man's woman; life have been eventful. And then, there is always the hard fact- research and PhD! Sometimes, its easy to find your way in the dark than finding your way up from the shallow well! I'm just having the latter part of the preceding statement. When, you talk about how you are; I just say- cholche, which if converted from Bengali to English, means- going along! But how? Not that is the question my dear.
Q1. Running? Nope!
Q2. Walking? Sometimes!
Q3. Limping? Definitely!

And then I come ac…