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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Talk For India.

The temperature count in Kolkata, India is one of the coldest Novembers in fifty years, given to it's advent [which according to the MET office is about a fortnight ahead.] Its chilling 17'C, two-three notches below normal! But, it was more chilly a year ago in November 2008, in another metropolis of the nation, Mumbai. Yes, I am talking of the malice Taj-Nariman Point incidence, where for 56 hours, bullets flew across the heart of Mumbai and across the mind of every Indian. Over hundreds injured and many matyred, given to the assurance of the safety of the mother land. From the high ranked officials of the Indian Police Force, Mumbai division to the many sepoys, lay cold on the bloody streets of Mumbai, thanks to the infiltration and terrorism aided by a neighboring nation!

This year, Idea Cellular, a Birla concern has come up with an innovative "IDEA". The TALK FOR INDIA policy, where to commemorate the initial moments of 26/11/08 [popularly known as 26/11], where by for one whole hour, any Idea caller' outgoing will donate to a find that would be going forward to the Indian Police Force, to develop on the safety features for themselves and eventually the public. This is a Nationwide campaign, and according to the tele-sources, IDEA is India's fourth largest cellular service provider after Bharti-Airtel, Vodafone-Essar and BSNL, having a combined base of 5 crore customers. Re1. donation per customer would give a minimum amount of 5 crores [INR 50,000,000] The Talk for India hour would be 8:26PM to 9:26PM, when the Taj-Mumbai was attacked a year back to this date.

I don't have an IDEA connection, but I support this innovative and noble cause. Infact I would also like to Quote Mr. A. Bacchan [Jr], "What an Idea Sir-jee".

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Apologies n Thoughts...

Since my re-incarnation in the field of Biology as a potent researcher, self-timed life has really been hard to come by. Leave aside the time to read the news paper, sometimes, eating a small apple by the window of the Institutes corridor seems an hour wasted! Its time to learn the techniques and explain the technicalities. I apologize to the people who have been feeling neglected via this blog portal.

Today, at 12:45PM, I sit alone in this room, trying to figure out the members and the participants in the AICCG [All India Congress of Cytology and Genetics], that involves a 4 day long conference with lot of activities and a grand workshop. Please refer to the website: although, the registration is over for the year. I am proud to participate in this and am eagerly looking forward to some of the great thinkers in the field.

Yesterday one of my Lab-mate, Dr. Pritha Ghosh had forwarded me a mail that is really horrendous to know and also understand that we are a civilized human being. I PROTEST to the act. Please look forward to the pictures and get a pictographic understanding or the explanation is mentioned, following the galore of the pics.

This picture is from Denmark. The Sea is red not because of the Red Corals... but its something else. Please refer the next picture to know what it is.

Its red with the blood of the "killed" Dolphins. They are stabbed to dead by any iron rods, as a ritual. I ritual by the Danish, where by the Dolphins are stabbed in the usher spirit to prove that a "Boy" has matured to a "Man". If this is maturity, then what is in-maturity?

"Matured Men" Well, this is the greatest slap of insult in the name of maturity! The Dolphins come to the beach during the Spawning and mating season, but instead of creating life, they end their own life!

And there they Rejoice.

In the name of Humanity, I PROTEST this act. There has been a mail that is being circulated around, which I appreciate as a good awareness program. I you feel the above thought to be justified, please put in your note in the comment page and this "signature campaign" shall bear the witness of it's validity to what I protest!!!

I appreciate the courtesy of the taker of these pics... in the bid to increase awareness.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

How to Become Rich...?

And the Question is How?

What did you think of? What's the target? The budget? Any idea... Well, my dear friends, its time to think as to with What do we consider ourselves rich? Is it money? Is it this green back or purple back that always volunteers when we give our valuable space in lifetime to think of becoming rich? Filthy rich?!

I will just cite an example, where amidst having all the scopes of becoming rich the monetary way, I have become poor....

There is an urge, an urgency to go abroad to pursue my PhD as well as become successful in the best possible way. With some of my juniors already making their way, it has become a thing of concern as to losing up an year. With age increasing, and the few white hairs are increasing on their family, it has really become tough to concentrate on matters of concern apart from academics.

A very good friend of mine, makes it prominent, that I should take my stance in a balanced way, but as it is with the urge of increasing knowledge, I have lost on the sense and sensibility... hurting not only my friend but others also. A suppressed feel of at loss always prevails the mind, as I make my way towards the Finale to meet the consequences....

Hello..lets see....

Monday, November 02, 2009

Reverting Back.

Enough of the Corporate world. Its time to get back to the ROOTS, where every passion started. Its just another try to get back into the known world of Biology and handling the eekie blood samples to the sputum... Time to Test them for any kind of abnormalities in the basic blue prints of life.

With this aspiration in mind, I hereby come to the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, to work out on the genetic toxicology.

More details to follow soon....

Its just my first Official day of joining the laboratory, but I have already been a veteran for over two days handling the lymphocyte cultures and the phase contrast microscope.

Aahhh.... I love them like never before. May be such a co-orporate exposure has left a lasting favoritism towards the life of Research in the field of Biology and I will ever inch towards being successful in the field of Cancer Biology. Lets see what's in store.

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