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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blast from the Past (S5D mania)

Jan 2009: Debalina n Sourav's Marraige.
After over one and a half years, this group is gonna meet up. Old wine in new tumblers....

This is rarer that the blue moon, coz it comes totally by luck. Even the Blue moon can be predicted, but this occassion can't be predicted, more so with the people wide spanned thanks to their job commitments. And, I seldom find time even to call up but this opportunity is not going down the drain, and it will be a Blast from the Past!!!

Come July....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How it fared....

The last blog post was regarding the first Journal Club presentation that I would be delivering, infront of a packed crowd and audi at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, was at last completed smoothly on Wednesday, 23.6.10. A journal club, known by most scientific heads is mostly with the idea to elaborate on the various tactics of work that the world of science all over is presently doing. One of the main criteria, to choose a paper work and make powerpoint slide and present to the people, with Scientists like Dr. Kunal Ray, Dr. S.R. Chakraborty, Dr. Keya Chaudhuri and my sir, Dr. A.K. Giri come forward inspiring their scholars to present something newa nd unique. This time round, I chose a paper, published in Jan 2010, Nature, a work by T.Danino et al, entitled A synchronized quorum of Genetic Clocks.

The presentation had my touch of uniqueness, with a lot of multimedia gizmoes,  thanks to the one time practice to prepare lots of slide for the MNC officials as a part time job, was appreciated by all. I would cherish when Dr. Ray had congratulated and appreciated my work twice, once after finishing and the other before leaving the room. mny new faces came forwrad to congratulate me as well and the greatest pleasure comes, when on Friday, during a ceremonious mood for the PhD Viva for Suddhasil Da and Mainak Da having got over, a senior in SRC's lab mentioned: The presentation was great that day!!

Thanks a lot!!!

I am also happy because Italy had lost in the World Cup 2010, before even qualifying for the last 16. They are a team with lot of wrong attitude. I loved Baggio, but then...there are wrong people in the squad at now... Even in the last WC, they, as I think are not deserving champions!

Come on Argentina, I want the cup in derserving hands!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Time to win.

Time to over come my fear. Its being quite a long time since I have had a good sleep before a public talk and this time atleast, I am going to have a good talk. Happy talk, with my presentation, for th Journal Club at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, for the first time ever.

Tensed to its maximum. But with RD Burman on the charts in my lappy, Sir off to China, its a nice way to let my tension go to the gutters!!! And what more than the psychedelic Dum Maro Dum....

Short communication, just for the release of the tension. Now am pumped up...let Wednesday come I shall show that I can hold Nature!!! ;-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

At last...

After a month long study in the various computer shops all over Central Calcutta, especially Chandni Chowk, the E-mall on the CR Avenue, one or two shops in Park Street, I have a pretty hard time choosing a model for my first PC.

The two names that I had initially a juggernaut were Acer and Compaq. Then a mini survey carried out by me foresaw the name of DELL coming to be prominent. With my budget of Rs. 35000/-., it was hard to fit in a Dell with preloaded Windows 7 was hard to come by in Calcutta market. All focussed in the Rs. 37000 range, not affordable. 

A very close friend of mine came up with the idea that her bro has Lenovo. I searched in for the brand and a few came ip for m y liking. But in my mini survey, except for that pal, no one had mentioned of Lenovo. Dell has a problem that they dont have a proper service station here in Kolkata, till date. Only a few Vostro models can be dealt with. Compared to the other metroes its a pretty bad stuff.

Calcuttans has a fancy for Compaq or HP. Compaq, was within my budget, but those within my budget were not trendy and pretty old! At last on 12th June, 2010, i made my way to the computer shops with Rs. 40,000 in cash. i went to the Laptop World, first floor of E-mall, CR Avenue. I had a liking for either Compaq or Lenovo. Without much hassle, I came across the Lenovo G560 model (to buy online, click the link name). My new lappy was purchased for Rs. 35,200/- (VAT of 4% inclusive)

The features:
15.6" Screen LED
Integrated 2.0MP camera
Touch pad fior Sound and Display controls.
Lenovo innovation of Face verification. (since many a times I have a beard, I dared not to activate it!)
DVD Dual writer.
Intel Core i3
Lenovo innovation of one touch recovery system.
Multiple Card Reader slot
HDMI card reader
Sim Slot for mobile connectivity
2USB, 1VGA, 1Ethernet ports!
Windows 7 Home Basic preloaded, genuine.

Guess its cool and here are some ciool pics:

Because my old desktop is taking up some space...the present work station location is the desk top table chair!!!

Given my experience, I would suggest the following shops in and around Central Calcutta which are reliable and good:
1) E-Mall ( You get HP World, Laptop World, GSH Communications and E-Zone*)
*Futurebazaar group concern, RPG.
2) Technocrat IT solutions. Near E-Mall on the CR Avenue.
3) Computer Gallery.
4) Computer Exchange (Park street)
5) Laptop Bazaar (Ganesh Ch Avenue)
6) Lotte Computers (HP Dealers)
7) Capital Electronics (Beside Esplanade Metro)

Happy buying.... but Amazon has some cheap rates. I discovered this after I bought my Lappy. :( Chillax!

P.S: My first blog from my lappy!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Green Eye Wash

People will be rightfully calling me a hypocrit, since two posts ago, I mentioned that I would be letting a little less of politics into this blog...but again skipping one post is equivalent to that little I guess... (haha)

With Municipal Corporation election results to be disclosed, today, in the morning...I came across sections of people, in the various nooks and corners of the city on my way to the lab, having various opinions. One common agenda, on everyone's lips is: TMC and INC shouldn't have parted... The topic and its pitfalls was also prevalent in the lab, when I was explaining my opinion and thanks to the active participation in Politics at Presidency College, Calcutta, I have certain clear ideas.

It is prominent that after this election is over, the TMC and INC will be re-mending the allies, that is still un-touched at the Center, with Mamata Banerjee being a Cabinet Minister. The Green Wash that TMC and INC ployed by breaking the allies at the grass root level has a bigger motif into play, for this had been the best bond of opposition in the last 34 years against the Communist Rule in West Bengal.

The Motif:
                     In 2006, when the revolution for land started creeping up in Singur, with TMC still as in the opposition tent, against All India National Congress at the Union, it was Mamata who led the resistance against the faulty State policies by the Leftist WB government. In 2007-08, the Panchyat Election made it clear that TMC is winning masses. More than 80% of Left Strong hold was lost, after the Singur and Nandigram episode.
                 In 2007-08, Congress understood the potential of the present anarchism in Bengal and joined hands with TMC, They supported TMC in all the Panchyat and Zila Parishads and in 2009, came in hand with the TMC sweeping the WB seat counts of the Union Parliament, slapping the Leftists a shocking 78.4% seats compared to the preceeding election.
                  In 2010, the time for those grass root election came upfront. According to the Trimeric Legislation, the Municipal Corporations are equivalent to the Panchyats! In 2007, it was TMC who fared well. One of the main target by the TMC and the INC is to usurp the throne of West Bengal that was for so long occupied by the Leftists! That result is due in 2011. Taking of the Grass Root, TMC as well as INC knows, where they are strong. Union Parliament Election is based on a wider area. To understand the support base with a larger resolution, one must know the base in each root... for which would help the TMC and Congress decide on the seat distribution for the elections of 2011, the mega event! After all, the 81 Municipalities that went for election last Sunday, 30/5/10, makes up around 100 Legislative assembly seats! Kolkata, itself has 16-17 seats for the Bidhan Sabha.

The ploy was simple and clever! A monitor of the results, to be published fully in another 24 hours, would indicate the place for Congress base and TMC support. Even if they lose, when together, they would combat any forces by the CPI-M!!!

Somnath Paul Photography


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