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Missing Out

Today, the Indian media busted the poor bums of two Karnataka ministers, who happened to play childish in the Assembly. Behaving like school kids, theymissed out on the common sense that they have crossed the 40 years age bar and that they have long lost their adolescence, when these inquisitive naughty stance can be accepted with the bunch of scolding and sometimes, capital punishment! But these two merry-go-lucky fellows, getting paid close to INR 3 lakhs per month; had the luxury to watch MILF mms or rather say mp4, while the assemble was in session! Just when the clothes were all down, the overhead camera focused below the balcony. It was the dried up frustrated ministers, trying their luck to take the juice back into their life! The smooth was on, when the news broke out : BREAKING NEWS- Karnataka Assembly or Pornataka Cluster! Elite, they may say, these people are human!

Come on!

If Shane Warne can do his bid behind the closed doors with two models, these are mere Ministers. Th…