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some fun!

The above video was shot during the Durga pujas, 2006, where Sourav acted as a commentator and uttered the incidents of the Famous head bang of WC 2006 final by Zidane!

Freedom at last....

From the monstrous task of giving exams and passing through the hurdles, it feelz nice and good to be free. With Mamata Banerjee making Bandh a Day to Day matter in the West Bengal hijirat Calender, it was really a very tumultous and eventful semester of my life! The first one and that too with lotza experience! The experience of Ironies!!!
The exam started on 27th December, 2006 and were supposed to end theoretrically on 8th January, 2007. Which means that the New year Party went down the drain! But the exam didn't end up on time and Yesterday it ended!!! It sucked!!!

Hats of to You Warnie....

Hats off to You Warnie... You have being amongst the news always, whether it be good or bad. You have weathed it always and have madeheadways into the land where no one ever ventured in history, crossing the milestone of 700 test wickets! After all, at the end of the day, they will say, Warne had been one of the greatest spinners the World had ever seen. And what more can a sports person want? Scandals? well even the greatest of men in Christianity, Jesus Christ have one against his name and in Hinduism, Lord Krishna too has that. You may not be God, but may be you have likeness with Him!!!

Cheers to life!!!

They dont have their successors....

They are unparalled in their field and they have come out fighting, every nook and Corner... they are heroes of their kind....!!!

Diego Maradonna: He has the best legs possible!!!
Leonel Messi: He has a bit of his own magic!
Gabriel Batistuta: He had been the best warrior known!!!
Sourav Ganguly: He is the perfect Bengal Tiger!!!
Wasim Akram: The man with the magic arms!
Sachin Tendulkar: The little Master!!!
Andrea Agassi: The toughest compititor!!!
Steffi Graff: The second best female I have known after my mom!!!
Stone Cold: He is the fighter!!!
Michael Schumacher: The name need no defination!!!

Happy New Year.

Pic: Somnath Paul. "looking directly at the Sun."

Pic: Moumita, a friend of mine. "making water ways..."

Pic: Somnath Paul. "..peeping through the hole..."
Pic: Moumita, a friend of mine. " clear as white poppy..."
With another year on the road we call life, Its some new to expect! New challenges, new in roads, new water ways may be. Whether it be a direct appointment with the Sun or may be peeping through the hole. whether it be as clear as the white poppy or may a mutated blue ones. Its a new way to deal with the old stuff, a stuff that we call life!Best of luck to every one and many many happy yields may all coem in your way! Happy New Year, 2007.