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Nature's Trail #2: Garpanchakot, Purulia, West Bengal, India.

The trip to Gorumara was not to end the endless plans that come with a promise of great week ends. Many graduates in India envy their american counterparts for having some great week ends, that has a proper Friday Night to look forward to. In India, the situation is nightless, endless... sometimes PhDjokes seem targeted towards us only!
So, a fortnight hence, it was another pleasure week end trip. Garpanchakot. Where time with the power of nature and innovation of humans.
Located upon a small hill, this place is one of the eastern most fringe of Chora Nagpur plateau. Industrial place, but this place has one of the greatest marvels of Indian engineering. It is located beside the Panchyet Dam, one of the four Hydel Power Dams within the grip of the Damodar Valley Corporation, producing more than 2million Watt power as a minimum production, per day. Taming the devastating Damodar River, called the Hwang Ho of India or rather say the Sorrow of India, this huge dam is a highly secured zon…

প্রক্রিতির পথে : In Nature's Trail- Part 1

My face book profile will enlist the experience as "Chronicles of an Unkempt Traveler" and its more than a month old. One of the most acclaimed album hitting near 50 likes and hundreds of comments from far and wide, which had made me pleased that at last I have justified my talent.
Creativity is Man's ultimate independence, where every stroke of paint or words has its own meaning too his own satisfaction. And if it is understood by many others, you become the author or a painter, artist or film-maker. I have names galore to fill up the respective positions, but I know there are several others who have already done this.
I would simply like to place the beauty of Bengal in front of the cyber world, so that unlike the freedom to visit the mountains from other Metroes in India, Kolkata dweller can make an extended week end count, without cutting his or her salary or facing the sweet sweet music!
Every year, Jesus brings us a GOOD FRIDAY. Make it official or not, you deem t…