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Lepchakha : The Nature's Cradle (Part 1)

The colours of the tripping season had started; and it took our steps to the beautiful hues of un-explored Himalayas. Its a general belief that the mountains will always have a different picture, in every nook and turns you take and Lepchakha was not a mistaken choice by the team of 14 strong members. Difficult to forget but again difficult to remember all the spots; hence it's better to go there by yourself and experience the beauty of nature. The beauty of Lepchakha.
We contacted a domicile resident, Mr. Ram Kumar Lama (8016671734). The unknown alleys of Lepchakha, to be reached touching the heart of Jainti, a small village within the Buxa Reserve forest, seemed quite exciting. The majority of the members were first timers in trekking, but to stay on in the flattened jungle, beside the Jainti river was an experience without recall. It was second to nothing and with the full moon shining, the pebbles of the dried up river bed shone like calcite deposits, making a trail up into the…

Project Travels: A Diary

Thanks to PhD at CSIR-IICB, I have cherished the opportunity to see Incredible India. A travel heart by birth, exhaustive field work in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal have yielded loads of tough memories with sweet tunes in between. I remember the humming tunes of "Country Roads" and its full of unparalleled experiences.
Starting from the dusty roads of Bihar and Assam plains to the lush green heritage of Bengal's Murshidabad, I have seen it all. Made friends for a day with several unknown passengers over discussions ranging from Politics to Cricket; even a few passing around the cards at 29. Project travel have shown me all. I would like to share some excerpts in this space, where I feel would be apt to exhibit that Epidemiological Survey work has its pros and cons, if considered that way.

(c) Somnath Paul. 2012. Borring in Bihar.
My travels started in 2011, November. Assam. The first going was exciting, as I had mentioned earlier. But the access through to Silchar from Guw…