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The leisure of No work really grows over your shoulder when it starts boring you. After a hectic schedule of Bachelorship and becoming a graduate, such a break was desired by most of the students, but the extension is too much. Literally have been out of studies since July 2006. Today its end of August 2006, have not being into the mainstream of academics. It really sucks!
Yet, I dont have the little as where i would end up, but day in and day out, its a prayer that I get through a good masters course in Calcutta University. A course that is enjoyable and satisfactory! Anyways, looking forward for September 15th 2006!

The Best Summers Of My Life...

From Top Left, in a clock wise direction, you can see my school days, first at Union Chapel, way back in 1989. The the Class 10 last day, in 2001 and the School Finale Day, 2003. Miss those days dearly!

The Last Lab Class....

Presidency College, Department Of Physiology, is where my Identity as a Presidencian truly rests. And it is From here that people have been able to Run the Show in their lives..and I'm confident enough to do the same.
Things shall never be the same again. with the Three Years passing by too fast and too quickly, we have ever had the time to reflect back to what we got. The most important thing may be, that I have had got as well as others is the good lot of experience. Which is the most valuable to me. The last Class in the BioChemistry Practicals shall always remain a momentous situation for me, where I will be missing my comrades, may be some for ever!
But on the whole it had really been some three years.
This post is to just publish the names, with whom i have had the Good Fortune to work with. Amongst whom amny have had made their ways to great places for a good future, and most of them are waiting for their chances and will soon grab them like sweet tastes!
Sunandini Chandra, Say…

Wrong Calculations...

Sometimes, certain calculations has no base, yet they turn out to be approximately correct. One such example is being illustrated in the script adjacently. Do read it and tell, whether this is cent percent true or not!

Straying Away...

The current was high. Anything would have had made its soft way...easily..flowing along with the tide. But the boats reamained anchored. It knew, that just as the whole river was not for it, similar the whole tide and the associated current was not for it. It reamiained happy and kept floating, preparing itself for the next sail.
How many humans learn from these simple ideas?

Its Generation Next (to Danger)

Its Generation Next To Danger.....

Mobiles have had become the integral part of our life style. With readymade calculators in hand, students readily use it suffice their needs. As a result they have had degraded in their intelligence. I have had deviced my own experiment, where I subjected a 10 year old student of mine and have asked hom to use the mobile phone to calculate the Simple BODMAS. He did continue for two weeks on my instruction and from the third week when i disarmed from the device, he failed to orally add 7+8 =? This simpleton mathematics we did with our mental ability when in the same tender age. Hence this really is a generation make our lives comfortable, we are paying a huge price..called intelligence...!
The two places that have had made me as to what I am today can be attributed to Calcutta Boys' School and Presidency College, Calcutta. These two places have ensured that I may come out educationally sane person who have his own mind set to have his own opinion and place it too.

Calcutta Boys' School. Located on 72, S.N.Banerjee Road. Calcutta- 700014. Its where the childhood have played...with no tensions.

Presidency College. Located at 87/1, College Street. Calcutta- 700036. its where the adulthood got shape. The end of teens and start of twies...Presidency College hve had made me taste the sweetest taste of love, educational mindset (which can really be colourful) and well, above all politics.
may be because of all these I can say...its the best way to present me to the outside world.

Today I will be heading for the post graduation, in some college...other that Presidency..and the feeling is same just as it was when I left CBS....its not GOOD!

I came..I saw..I conquered.

Vidi Vedi Vinci.... its i see it!

---- copyright 2006.
Somnath Paul.

The Rain Drops sounded sweet to the weary ears. I took out my Digicam and tried to capture the so serene, noisy yet sweet drops clash agains the floor of my balcony. It was a laborious work, but to me this drop is the best picture I have had taken today.
Amidst all the wetness, the sweet shine of the cloudy sky, depicted a silvery lead touch. Rain one of the most beautiful creation of mother does sometimes makes life cheerful amidst gloominess. People who dare to dream like me, knows it's sweetness, all the way!


Bold and Beautiful Seeing Two really lucky. Wish Luck does goes along with me this time round also and get into a good masters. Thinking of the Post Graduation gives me shrudders as the Confusion over the Form and the submissions is still very much prevalent. Praying day and night that everything goes along really well.
Lets See what turns up!
-----pic 2006. copyrighted.
Somnath Paul.

Wrong Calculation....

Sometimes, even the greatest Formulae fail to prove that things are not always the depicted in this small and simple Equation(s).
Is it right or wrong? say for Your self!