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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Truck Load...

As I finish off the last few pages of the "history book" by Rebecca Skloot, I realize that certain things in this mortal world are not meant to be won by the death; somethings that escapes our imagination and is only left to be though and sought for in the present. In this case, a history of immortality! A history where business thrives on science and science thrives on business (well, the dilemma will be never ending); a life after death - HeLa. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

65 years after the organism's existence; her legacy keeps on unfolding new mysteries and new stories every day. So, what does the cells that have been making ground breaking discoveries, medicines to mechanisms, you to me; HeLa is meeting the mark every day! Mrs. Lacks is not coming back shouting that her body part should not be used. They are not fighting against us even! They are fighting for us and to gift us what? Discovery and know how to live the life on different note, with hope! But then, certain events make us feel... what is the use in all these?

People will fight, tarnish ... break, kick, bite and eat! For the sake of caste, community and petty things that seems to "not biologically" segregate Homo sapiens sapiens! Are we here to prove any thing like we have 48/47 chromosomes? The meaning of life doesnot change with the ones you fight for or fight with! Its the very existence that comes at stake and the truck that ought to take you through the lovely roads of hills and vales, the dunes and the waves, lie stranded! Reason? The passengers them selves are trying to decide with force and violence; which is better... the sea or the mountain?

There are many interesting stories to be learnt, talked about and shared! Today I share with you the book title. Try to go through it. It was gifted to me by my institute colleague, some one who had helped in my own research with cell lines! 

I agree that you are an organism yourself! But, to the society and social structure, each one of you is a cell. The cells that Mrs. Lacks left behind were cancerous in nature. A scar that built a the multi-billion dollar business and has become the seed to new discoveries! BRAVO! But, in the social structure; diseased or scarred cells leaves behind only the scar! And if the analogy holds true.... this whole nation will die off because of this cancerous outbreak... and one day, the notion of the nation will die off, because of this communal and social scars! And then, only truck load of nothing will stay in wait for you to visit the places of this beautiful nation! Keep #Harmony and Keep #India #Incredible; because not every one is lucky to be like Mrs. Lacks... The incredible immortal lady!


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