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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Unit Area assessment system: Kolkata Municipality goes Trendy...

E-commerce have been in the forefront for a long time. For the first time, I thought of trying out and to my very surprise found the whole image well organized.

Today, while veiwing the daily news in Star Ananda, I came across the news where the Unit Area Assessment System was formally announced, the system in its due course of being implemented as law for taxation for the MegaCity of Kolkata. The pros and cons:

* Relief from the whimses of the Property Tax commissioners who sometimes make un-fair calculations to levy taxes.
* The extra Income, if any, collected through renting premises will not be reflected on the tax.
* Consistent and Constant Equation based Calculation for all the premises in the designated location.

The City of Joy have been devided into regions, based on the socio-economic status of the residents and the degree of civic service available. The 148 Wards of the Kolkata Municipality have been segregated into 174 locales, whereby they are categorized into Group A to Group F. The people or property falling within Group A pays the highest tax. Its proposed that a basal level of Taxation would be determined, say X, which will be multiplied with the area of the premises and the civic index (comprised of age of the establishment, civic amenities available) and the product value will be the valuation of the annual tax. The people residing in Zone A pays off the maximum tax, with the highest basal level of the money, i.e X.

Find out where you are placed:

Unit Area Assessment Map: Kolkata Municipality. Courtesy: Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Blog, to me have not only being a place to write my thoughts, but I believe in spreading news. Please check your area  from the website:
Any complaint can be filed in Online within 60days from today (30.7.10). You can send in a written document with prescribed format, click here.

More over, if the picture doesn't define your area properly, you can always look in here for a written assessment of the whole area wise segregation and their coding!!!

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