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Ahiron Part 4: The Last Few Straws of the Journey.

Incredible India, Incredible History.

Just now listening to one of my favorite oldies, Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye, from Anand. Ahiron and Murshidabad domain occupies just 0.075% of the land mass of the nation, but it is here where the fate of India was written 300 years ago, initiating its slipping into the hands of the British. The Britons set their first claw grasp here, thanks to Lord Robert Clive. Shiraj Ud Dwala, the then Nawab of Bengal (King of Bengal), faced the atrocities of the british, but he was also subjected to an internal betrayal of his relatives, especially his elder maternal aunt, Ghaseti Begum. Ghaseti Begum wasn't pleased with his annex to the throne, after the death of Ali Vadri Khan, Shiraj's maternal grand father. Shiraj's original name was Mirja Mohammed Siraj, originally from Bihar where he was from the royal family, the ruler of Bihar, Zain Uddin being his father. Ghaseti Begum wasn't happy with the interference of Bihar and wanted his son Shawkat Jung to be the ruler. She along with Shawkat Jung and Mir Zaffer conspired against Shiraj, from a small palatial residence aside Motijheel. Motijheel, is a horse shoe lake, where once in ancient days, pearl (moti) were being cultivated from oysters. It was patronized by Ghaseti Begum, beside the Motijheel Mosque.

Motijheel Masjid (Mosque). The Dark Days of India was chalked here and there.

These days, birds flock around at the place making it a beautiful place to lazy around.

Motijheel Lake.

Way to the lake

The pomp and luxury, the Nawabi Style was ample in Murshidabad. Every monument made its mark, but of the many that I saw, I loved this one, at Katgola. It house some exquisite materials inside it, which couldn't be photographed. Not allowed! But they are worth seeing, for people who has fascination of antiques!

Entrance of Katgola Mansion

Sideways of the Mansion

Besides there is the ugly and cruel history at Devi Singh's Mansion, the cruel revenue collector of British Era. Everything shouldn't be said, but please pay a visit.

We boarded the Radhikapur Express, at 10:30PM from Jangipur and reached Kolkata Station at 7:50AM, one hour behind schedule.

It was nice weekend visit, blended with nature and history.

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