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Hope of Change #1

In the next few articles, I will try to put down a series of articles called hope of change and really hope to complete the series, before the 13th May, 2011; the day when the West Bengal assembly Results pops out!

This year, for the past 3 years have been mentioned as a year of change. A change from the ruling of the Communist Party of India and it's alliance, which had over ruled all the decisions, for the past 7 terms, ~ 35 years. Started with Late Jyoti Basu and believed to end with Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Several reasons have been spotted for the need of this change, but till date every one had only one option. None other than the the CPM. This time round, since 2008-09, Mamata Banerjee, the all in one leader from Trinamool Congress holds the batton for the change. In this first article I shall put forward what the ruling Leftists did wrong that helped TMC to gain grounds into the heart of Bengal Population.

1) It is a well known aspect of human society; Arrogance brings the end to a System. Ruling for 30 years, since 1976-77, the Left front government grew arrogant. The activists too, became the suckers rather than workers. Still, they couldn't come clean with their bank balance, like Mr. Bhattacharya:

This speaks for what he was up to like most of the ministers for the past few years.

2) Nandigram. A baseless "shooting" for a project that was just on the verge of taken into consideration. Bhattacharya govt blew their horns to the maximum extent, comparing that to be the bloodiest day in the history of Bengal Politics post Independence, being compared to Jalianwala Bagh.

3) Till date, Nandigram remained an issue. But, Netaigram brought forward a new picture, when the CPM -goons shot without warning over a population of villagers, killing 14 villagers, officially. The name of CPM leader came upfront.

4) M/s Banerjee is on a winning chariot because, post 2006, she has become very composed and less rough and rude. Its a face that makes her acceptable, with the intellectual community, the elite and distinct. The leader has placed a point cleverly across the table, appearing for the several game shows and award ceremonies, corporate meets, etc that has brought in a different aura along her side.

5) Placing herself among the dignitaries in various fields, the leader has come up brilliant ideas. Virtual till date but can be realized if she comes to power. So the Bengal has shown trend to give her the opportunity. 2009, Parliament was a clean sweep, the Panchayats and Municipalities too... now its 2011, the big game for the big house...

Just a reminder of what happened in 2006; will compare it after 2011th's May 13.

West Bengal Assembly Election Result Candidate Wise 2006
Assembly NoAssembly NameVoter Turnout (% age) Winner 
Candidate Name %age Party 
2 Sitalkuchi 88.7HARISH CHANDRA BARMAN 52.74CPI(M) 
3 Mathabhanga 86.38ANANTA ROY 54.92CPI(M) 
4 Cooch Behar North 85.33DIPAK CHANDRA SARKAR 48.37AIFB 
5 Cooch Behar West 84.98AKSHAY THAKUR 51.07AIFB 
6 Sitai 83.35DR. MD. FAZLE HAQUE 47.3INC 
7 Dinhata 82.63ASHOK MANDAL 45.55AITC 
8 Natabari 90.32TAMSER ALI 48.84CPI(M) 
9 Tufanganj 90.7ALAKA BARMAN 54.58CPI(M) 
10 Kumargram 85.41DASRATH TIRKEY 53.92RSP 
11 Kalchini 82.82MANOHAR TIRKEY 46.09RSP 
12 Alipurduars 84.71NIRMAL DAS 49.97RSP 
13 Falakata 86.37JOGESH CH. BARMAN 50.99CPI(M) 
14 Madarihat 81.98KUMARI KUJUR 40.96RSP 
15 Dhupguri 89.22LAKSHMI KANTA ROY 49.29CPI(M) 
16 Nagrakata 82.75SUKHMOITH (PITING) ORAON 47.32CPI(M) 
17 Mainaguri 84.52BACHCHAMOHAN ROY 53.51RSP 
18 Mal 83.33SOMRA LAKRA 48.43CPI(M) 
19 Kranti 84.93FAZLUL KARIM 53.79CPI(M) 
20 Jalpaiguri 83.78DEBA PRASAD ROY 44.57INC 
21 Rajganj 83.22MAHENDRA KUMAR ROY 51.67CPI(M) 
22 Kalimpong 68.13GAULAN LEPCHA 56.32GNLF 
23 Darjeeling 62.75PRANAY RAI 52.97GNLF 
24 Kurseong 71.05SHANTA CHHETRI 53.56GNLF 
25 Siliguri 78.56ASOK BHATTACHARYA 55.44CPI(M) 
26 Phansidewa 84.45KISKU CHHOTAN 50.22CPI(M) 
27 Chopra 88.17ANWARUL HAQUE 50.96CPI(M) 
28 Islampur 75.41MD. FARUQUE 45.21CPI(M) 
29 Goalpokhar 75.83DEEPA DASMUNSI 49.68INC 
30 Karandighi 80.31GOKUL ROY 45.07AIFB 
31 Raiganj 81.72CHITTA RANJAN RAY 46.7INC 
32 Kaliaganj 88.46NANI GOPAL ROY 44.97CPI(M) 
33 Kushmandi 88.43NARMADA CHANDRA ROY 46.86RSP 
34 Itahar 86.97SRIKUMAR MUKHERJEE 46.09CPI 
35 Gangarampur 89.85NARAYAN BISWAS 52.2CPI(M) 
36 Tapan 88.3KHARA SOREN 56.77RSP 
37 Kumarganj 88.74MAFUJA KHATUN 48.73CPI(M) 
38 Balurghat 89.02BISWANATH CHOUDHURY 46.17RSP 
39 Habibpur 83.5KHAGEN MURMU 45.67CPI(M) 
40 Gajol 84.04SADHU TUDU 51.43CPI(M) 
41 Kharba 85.46MAHABUBUL HAQUE(BADAL) 50.63INC 
42 Harishchandrapur 83.47TAJMUL HOSSAIN 46.68AIFB 
43 Ratua 79.14SAILEN SARKAR 48.37CPI(M) 
44 Araidanga 84.9SABITRI MITRA 49.46INC 
45 Malda 84.28SUBHENDU CHOWDHURY 41.05CPI(M) 
47 Manikchak 76.05ASIMA CHAUDHURI 44.29CPI(M) 
48 Suzapur 79.99RUBI NOOR 53.56INC 
49 Kaliachak 83.69BISWANATH GHOSH 46.91CPI(M) 
50 Farakka 84.2MAINUL HAQUE 49.05INC 
51 Aurangabad 84.31TOUAB ALI 45.99CPI(M) 
52 Suti 83.25JANE ALAM MIAN 46.9RSP 
53 Sagardighi 84.15PARIKSHIT LET 48.62CPI(M) 
54 Jangipur 80.87ABUL HASNAT 48.85RSP 
55 Lalgola 87.11ABU HENA 49.24INC 
56 Bhagabangola 89.18CHAND MOHAMMAD 46.47WBSP 
57 Nabagram 86.92MUKUL MONDAL 52.38CPI(M) 
58 Murshidabad 86.69BIVAS CHAKRABORTY 48.98AIFB 
59 Jalangi 90.49UNUS SARKAR 51.16CPI(M) 
60 Domkal 91.37ANISUR RAHAMAN 51.88CPI(M) 
61 Naoda 86.56ABU TAHER KHAN 47.97INC 
62 Hariharpara 87.26INSAR ALI BISWAS 45.14CPI(M) 
63 Berhampore 81.04MANOJ CHAKRABORTY 50.55IND 
64 Beldanga 79.31REFATULLAH MD. 46.28RSP 
65 Kandi 81.69APURBA SARKAR (DAVID) 34.87IND 
66 Khargram 84.63MANABENDRANATH SAHA 49.11CPI(M) 
67 Barwan 80.69BISWA NATH BANERJEE 48.01RSP 
68 Bharatpur 81.19ID MOHAMMAD 49.55RSP 
69 Karimpur 89.86PRAFULLA KUMAR BHOWMICK 47.18CPI(M) 
70 Palashipara 85.81BISWANATH GHOSH 48.2CPI(M) 
71 Nakashipara 86.58KALLOL KHAN 45.36AITC 
72 Kaliganj 81.76DHANANJOY MODAK 43.26RSP 
73 Chapra 87.89SHAMSUL ISLAM MOLLAH 47.76CPI(M) 
74 Krishnaganj 89.38BINAY KRISHNA BISWAS 46.79CPI(M) 
75 Krishnagar East 86.21GHOSH SUBINAY (BHAJAN) 44.93CPI(M) 
76 Krishnagar West 90.07ASOKE BANERJEE 48.8CPI(M) 
77 Nabadwip 89.05PUNDARIKAKSHYA SAHA 51.1AITC 
78 Santipur 92.61AJOY DEY 47.78INC 
79 Hanskhali 88.98NAYAN SARKAR 47.86CPI(M) 
80 Ranaghat East 88.89DEBENDRA NATH BISWAS 50.33CPI(M) 
81 Ranaghat West 89.39ALOKE KUMAR DAS 42.58CPI(M) 
82 Chakdaha 88.67MALAY KUMAR SAMANTA 55.17CPI(M) 
83 Haringhata 89.63BANKIM CHANDRA GHOSH 51.9CPI(M) 
84 Bagdaha 88.08DULAL BAR 49.77AITC 
85 Bongaon 87.51BHUPENDRA NATH SETH 49.3AITC 
86 Gaighata 89.01JYOTI PRIYA MALLICK 48.27AITC 
88 Ashokenagar 86.57SATYASEBI KAR 46.08CPI(M) 
89 Amdanga 89.43ABDUS SATTAR 48.53CPI(M) 
90 Barasat 83.27DR. BITHIKA MONDAL 46.76AIFB 
91 Rajarhat 82.1RABINDRANATH MANDAL 50.26CPI(M) 
92 Deganga 86.48DR. MORTOZA HOSSAIN 47.38AIFB 
93 Swarupnagar 87.67MOSTAFA BIN QUASEM 46.68CPI(M) 
94 Baduria 88.24MD. SHELIM GAIN 45.62CPI(M) 
95 Basirhat 85.58NARAYAN MUKHERJEE 41.9CPI(M) 
96 Hasnabad 86.35GOUTAM DEB 47.35CPI(M) 
97 Haroa 87.27ASIM KUMAR DAS 55.43CPI(M) 
98 Sandeshkhali 85.41ABANI ROY 53.97CPI(M) 
99 Hingalganj 87.62GOPAL GAYEN 51.42CPI(M) 
100 Gosaba 84.36CHITTA RANJAN MANDAL 48.69RSP 
101 Basanti 74.27SUBHAS NASKAR 66.34RSP 
102 Kultali 86.38JOYKRISHNA HALDER 47.86IND 
103 Joynagar 79.83DEBAPRASAD SARKAR 45.64IND 
104 Baruipur 81.73RAHUL GHOSH 47.34CPI(M) 
105 Canning West 80.66DWIJAPADA MONDOL 41.69CPI(M) 
106 Canning East 84.37ABDUR RAZZAK MOLLA 57.56CPI(M) 
107 Bhangar 89.15ARABUL ISLAM 48.07AITC 
108 Jadavpur 75.93BUDDHADEB BHATTACHARJEE 61.25CPI(M) 
109 Sonarpur 79.9SHYAMAL NASKAR 48.65CPI(M) 
110 Bishnupur East 83.02ANANDA KUMAR BISWAS 50.3CPI(M) 
111 Bishnupur West 82.22RATHIN SARKAR 44.37CPI(M) 
112 Behala East 78.43KUMKUM CHAKRABORTI 51.17CPI(M) 
113 Behala West 74.73PARTHA CHATTERJEE 48.84AITC 
114 Garden Reach 60.7ABDUL KHALEQUE MOLLA 48.42INC 
115 Maheshtala 75.8MURSALIN MOLLA 49.99CPI(M) 
116 Budge Budge 79.69ASHOK KUMAR DEB 57.1AITC 
117 Satgachia 82.95SONALI GUHA (BOSE) 48.01AITC 
119 Diamond Harbour 79.06RISHI HALDER 47.5CPI(M) 
120 Magrahat West 76.49DR.ABUL HASNAT 50.43CPI(M) 
121 Magrahat East 78.61BANSARI MOHAN KANJI 50.48CPI(M) 
122 Mandirbazar 80.59DR. TAPATI SAHA 47.91CPI(M) 
123 Mathurapur 87.98KANTI GANGULY 49.45CPI(M) 
124 Kulpi 82.01SAKUNTALA PAIK 45.83CPI(M) 
125 Patharpratima 87.71JAJNESWAR DAS 46.91CPI(M) 
126 Kakdwip 88.18ASHOK GIRI 49.44CPI(M) 
127 Sagar 91.76MILAN PARUA 49.45CPI(M) 
129 Naihati 80.67RANJIT KUNDU 49CPI(M) 
130 Bhatpara 69.03ARJUN SING 61.48AITC 
131 Jagatdal 81.99HARIPADA BISWAS 47.39AIFB 
132 Noapara 78.79KUSADHWAJ GHOSH 47.73CPI(M) 
133 Titagarh 70.21DR. PRAVIN KUMAR 43CPI(M) 
134 Khardah 85.68ASIM KUMAR DASGUPTA 56.58CPI(M) 
136 Kamarhati 77.25MANASH MUKHERJEE 56.4CPI(M) 
137 Baranagar 78.38AMAR CHOWDHURY 51.44RSP 
138 Dum Dum 81.35REKHA GOSWAMI 53.96CPI(M) 
139 Belgachia East 71.59SUBHAS CHAKRABORTI 46.41CPI(M) 
140 Cossipur 68.19BANDYOPADHYAY TARAK 43.15AITC 
141 Shyampukur 64.68JIBAN PRAKASH SAHA 52.53AIFB 
142 Jorabagan 55.19PARIMAL BISWAS 48.62CPI(M) 
143 Jorasanko 50.91DINESH BAJAJ 41.24AITC 
144 Bara Bazar 42.15MD. SOHRAB 34.32RJD 
145 Bow Bazar 54.41SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY 40.29INC 
146 Chowringhee 50.98SUBRATA BAKSHI 38.19AITC 
147 Kabitirtha 53.3RAM PYARE RAM 50.48INC 
148 Alipore 60.27TAPAS PAUL 52.18AITC 
149 Rashbehari Avenue 59.14SOBHANDEB CHATTOPADHYAY 54.5AITC 
150 Tollygunge 69.3AROOP BISWAS 46.67AITC 
151 Dhakuria 69.98KSHITI GOSWAMI 47.73RSP 
152 Ballygunge 65.36AHMED JAVED KHAN 48.21AITC 
153 Entally 61.71HASHIM ABDUL HALIM 49.59CPI(M) 
154 Taltola 66.14DEBESH DAS 49.33CPI(M) 
155 Beliaghata 71.67MANABENDRA MUKHERJEE 53.01CPI(M) 
156 Sealdah 60.34SOMENDRA NATH MITRA 58.53INC 
157 Vidyasagar 59.6ANADI KUMAR SAHU 49.69CPI(M) 
158 Burtola 68.08SADHAN PANDE 54.55AITC 
159 Manicktola 73.2RUPA BAGCHI 47.83CPI(M) 
160 Belgachia West 67.61MALA SAHA 45.89AITC 
161 Bally 71.4KANIKA GANGULY 59.21CPI(M) 
162 Howrah North 66.29LAGAN DEO SINGH 53.8CPI(M) 
163 Howrah Central 73.69ARUP RAY (TUKUN) 42.29CPI(M) 
164 Howrah South 64.2KRISHNA KISOR RAY (K.K.RAY) 48.06CPI(M) 
166 Domjur 80.47MOHANTA CHATTERJEE 53.45CPI(M) 
167 Jagatballavpur 80.05BIPLAB MAJUMDAR 48.76CPI(M) 
168 Panchla 75.24DOLI ROY 47.8AIFB 
169 Sankrail 76.84SITAL KUMAR SARDAR 44.76AITC 
170 Uluberia North 75.2MOHAN MONDAL 48.9CPI(M) 
171 Uluberia South 78.96RABINDRA GHOSH 42.71AIFB 
172 Shyampur 81.5KALI PADA MANDAL 48.08AITC 
173 Bagnan 79.76AKKEL ALI KHAN 45.13CPI(M) 
174 Kalyanpur 80.24RABINDRA NATH MITRA 48.4CPI(M) 
175 Amta 84.18PRATYUSH MUKHERJEE 51.87CPI(M) 
176 Udaynarayanpur 84.1CHANDRA LEKHA BAG 49.91CPI(M) 
177 Jangipara 82.37SUDARSAN RAYCHAUDHURI 57.57CPI(M) 
178 Chanditala 80.35BHAKTARAM PAN 51.03CPI(M) 
179 Uttarpara 74.96PROF. DR. SRUTINATH PRAHARAJ 48.44CPI(M) 
180 Serampore 66.88DR. RATNA DE (NAG) 39.74AITC 
181 Champdani 73.8JIBESH CHAKRABORTY 38.91CPI(M) 
182 Chandernagore 75.04SIBAPROSAD (RATAN) BANDYOPADHYAY 45.65CPI(M) 
184 Haripal 81.34BHARATI MUKHERJEE 52.99CPI(M) 
185 Tarakeswar 87.55PRATIM CHATTERJEE 58.1IND 
186 Chinsurah 79.43NAREN DEY 51.99AIFB 
187 Bansberia 82.99ASHUTOSH MUKHOPADHYAY 50.57CPI(M) 
188 Balagarh 86.4DIBAKANTA ROUTH 51.85CPI(M) 
189 Pandua 85.68SEKH MAJED ALI 60.62CPI(M) 
190 Polba 84.69SHAKTIPADA KHANRA 55.85CPI(M) 
191 Dhaniakhali 87.02AJIT PATRA 63.35AIFB 
192 Pursurah 89.6SAUMENDRANATH BERA 59.39CPI(M) 
193 Khanakul 84.58BANSHI BADAN MAITRA 57.02CPI(M) 
194 Arambagh 85.43BINOY DATTA 62.26CPI(M) 
195 Goghat 91NIRANJAN PANDIT 69.76AIFB 
196 Chandrakona 92.03GURUPADA DUTTA 61.36CPI(M) 
197 Ghatal 82.68RATAN PAKHIRA 59.31CPI(M) 
198 Daspur 81.97SUNIL ADHIKARI 49.32CPI(M) 
199 Nandanpur 88.09CHOWDHURY CHAKRABORTY BULA 49.78CPI(M) 
200 Panskura West 85.92CHITTARANJAN DASTHAKUR 57.25CPI 
201 Panskura East 88.13AMIYA KUMAR SAHOO 49.64CPI(M) 
202 Tamluk 89.49MITRA JAGANNATH 49CPI 
203 Moyna 90.07SK. MUJIBUR RAHMAN 48.95CPI(M) 
204 Mahishadal 91.06TAMALIKA PANDA SETH 48.99CPI(M) 
205 Sutahata 90.93NITYANANDA BERA 56.77CPI(M) 
206 Nandigram 88.13ILLIAS MAHAMMAD SK. 48.71CPI 
207 Narghat 91.89NANDA BRAHMAMAY 50.16WBSP 
208 Bhagabanpur 91.35ARDHENDU MAITY 49.79AITC 
209 Khajuri 92.32SWADESH PATRA 57.82WBSP 
210 Contai North 90.18CHAKRADHAR MAIKAP 48.3CPI(M) 
211 Contai South 88.27SUVENDU ADHIKARI 50.59AITC 
212 Ramnagar 88.36SWADESH RANJAN NAYAK 51.41CPI(M) 
214 Mugberia 92.29KIRANMAY NANDA 52.98WBSP 
216 Sabang 94.19MANAS RANJAN BHUNIA 49.7INC 
217 Pingla 89.81RAMPADA SAMANTA 57.05DSP(P) 
218 Debra 91.91SK. JAHANGIR KARIM 55.96CPI(M) 
219 Keshpur 90.88RAMESWAR DOLOI 70.45CPI(M) 
220 Garhbeta East 92.91GHOSH SUSANTA 69.8CPI(M) 
221 Garhbeta West 91.57KRISHNA PRASAD DULEY 63.8CPI(M) 
222 Salbani 89.7KHAGENDRA NATH MAHATA 54.71CPI(M) 
223 Midnapore 83.43SANTOSH RANA 57.37CPI 
224 Kharagpur Town 59.27GYAN SINGH SOHANPAL 38.68INC 
225 Kharagpur Rural 80.48HAQUE NAZMUL 53.96CPI(M) 
226 Keshiari 88.51MAHESWAR MURMU 63.46CPI(M) 
227 Narayangarh 89.39SURJYA KANTA MISHRA 56.68CPI(M) 
229 Nayagram 81.1BHUTNATH SAREN 60.83CPI(M) 
230 Gopiballavpur 85.16RABI LAL MAITRA 63.33CPI(M) 
231 Jhargram 78.77AMAR BASU 54.82CPI(M) 
232 Binpur 80.06CHUNIBALA HANSDA 47.87JKP(N) 
233 Banduan 81.43UPENDRA NATH HANSDA 54.1CPI(M) 
234 Manbazar 81.78SAMYA PYARI MAHATO 49.51CPI(M) 
235 Balrampur 79.87BHANDU MAJHI 55.53CPI(M) 
236 Arsa 75.63PRABHAT MAHATO 47.15AIFB 
237 Jhalda 79.89NEPAL MAHATA 51.48INC 
238 Jaipur 77.49BINDESWAR MAHATO 46.54AIFB 
239 Purulia 75.49NIKHIL MUKHERJEE 50.03CPI(M) 
240 Para 77.3BILASIBALA SAHIS . 52.65CPI(M) 
241 Raghunathpur 73.38UMA RANI BOURI 53.02CPI(M) 
242 Kashipur 76.97RABINDRA NATH HEMBRAM 56.08CPI(M) 
243 Hura 78.29SUBHAS CHANDRA MAHATA 48.92CPI(M) 
244 Taldangra 84.9MANORANJAN PATRA 61.26CPI(M) 
245 Raipur 82.76UPEN KISKU 54.72CPI(M) 
246 Ranibandh 80.13DEBLINA HEMBRAM 45.35CPI(M) 
247 Indpur 80.88INDRAJIT TANGI 58.84CPI 
248 Chhatna 75.07ANATH BANDHU MONDAL 52.04RSP 
249 Gangajalghati 78.85ANGAD BAURI 58.11CPI(M) 
250 Barjora 81.61SUSMITA BISWAS 53.27CPI(M) 
251 Bankura 78.37PARTHA DE 50.45CPI(M) 
253 Vishnupur 85.66SWAPAN GHOSH 59CPI(M) 
254 Kotulpur 91.27KALPANA KOLEY 64.73CPI(M) 
255 Indas 87.46MAHADEB PATRA 64.05CPI(M) 
256 Sonamukhi 85.02NIRESH BAGDI 56.39CPI(M) 
257 Kulti 66.03UJJAL CHATTERJEE 54.55AITC 
258 Barabani 72.06DILIP SARKAR 52.02CPI(M) 
259 Hirapur 68.02AMITAVA MUKHOPADHYAY 47.83CPI(M) 
261 Raniganj 75.25HARADHAN JHA 68.29CPI(M) 
262 Jamuria 71.66DHIRAJLAL HAZRA 68.8CPI(M) 
263 Ukhra 66.46MADAN BAURI 66CPI(M) 
264 Durgapur-I 75.5MRINAL BANERJEE 59.9CPI(M) 
266 Kanksa 82.46ANKURE SARESH 65.68CPI(M) 
267 Ausgram 82.48KARTICK CHANDRA BAG 66.28CPI(M) 
268 Bhatar 83.1SAYED MD. MASIH 57.96CPI(M) 
269 Galsi 83.1MEHBUB MONDAL 67.68AIFB 
270 Burdwan North 86.58PRADIP TAH 63.63CPI(M) 
271 Burdwan South 83.08NIRUPAM SEN 56.53CPI(M) 
272 Khandaghosh 88.84PRASANTA MAJHI 68.64CPI(M) 
273 Raina 88.51SWAPAN SAMANTA 66.43CPI(M) 
274 Jamalpur 88.2SAMAR HAZRA 63.61IND 
275 Memari 88.28SANDHYA BHATTACHARYA 60.63CPI(M) 
276 Kalna 89.36ANJALI MONDAL 59.74CPI(M) 
277 Nadanghat 91SWAPAN DEBNATH 49.62AITC 
278 Manteswar 84.99CHAUDHURI MD. HEDAYATULLAH 57.93CPI(M) 
279 Purbasthali 87.46SUBRATA BHOWAL 50.03CPI(M) 
281 Mangalkot 80.14SADHANA MALLIK 59.24CPI(M) 
282 Ketugram 84.11TAMAL CHANDRA MAJHI 59.34CPI(M) 
283 Nanur 81.97JOYDEB HAZRA 58.56CPI(M) 
284 Bolpur 82.64TAPAN HORE 58.5RSP 
285 Labhpur 82.79NABANITA MUKHERJEE 57.69CPI(M) 
286 Dubrajpur 83.2GHOSH BHAKTI PADA 60.34AIFB 
287 Rajnagar 79.97BIJOY BAGDI 61.42AIFB 
288 Suri 84.11TAPAN ROY 48.51CPI(M) 
289 Mahammad Bazar 81.88DHIREN BAGDI 53.74CPI(M) 
290 Mayureswar 79.05BAGDI SADHUCHARAN 61.02CPI(M) 
291 Rampurhat 81.92ASISH BANERJEE 47.86AITC 
292 Hansan 85.52ASIT KUMAR MAL 50.9INC 
293 Nalhati 83.63DIPAK CHATTERJEE 50.44AIFB 
294 Murarai 87.4ELAHI MD. QAMRE 47.7CPI(M)

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Ahiron Part 4: The Last Few Straws of the Journey.

Incredible India, Incredible History.
Just now listening to one of my favorite oldies, Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye, from Anand. Ahiron and Murshidabad domain occupies just 0.075% of the land mass of the nation, but it is here where the fate of India was written 300 years ago, initiating its slipping into the hands of the British. The Britons set their first claw grasp here, thanks to Lord Robert Clive. Shiraj Ud Dwala, the then Nawab of Bengal (King of Bengal), faced the atrocities of the british, but he was also subjected to an internal betrayal of his relatives, especially his elder maternal aunt, Ghaseti Begum. Ghaseti Begum wasn't pleased with his annex to the throne, after the death of Ali Vadri Khan, Shiraj's maternal grand father. Shiraj's original name was Mirja Mohammed Siraj, originally from Bihar where he was from the royal family, the ruler of Bihar, Zain Uddin being his father. Ghaseti Begum wasn't happy with the interference of Bihar and wanted his son Sh…

Unit Area assessment system: Kolkata Municipality goes Trendy...

E-commerce have been in the forefront for a long time. For the first time, I thought of trying out and to my very surprise found the whole image well organized.
Today, while veiwing the daily news in Star Ananda, I came across the news where the Unit Area Assessment System was formally announced, the system in its due course of being implemented as law for taxation for the MegaCity of Kolkata. The pros and cons:
* Relief from the whimses of the Property Tax commissioners who sometimes make un-fair calculations to levy taxes. * The extra Income, if any, collected through renting premises will not be reflected on the tax. * Consistent and Constant Equation based Calculation for all the premises in the designated location.
The City of Joy have been devided into regions, based on the socio-economic status of the residents and the degree of civic service available. The 148 Wards of the Kolkata Municipality have been segregated into 174 locales, whereby they are categorized into Group A to Group…

Baby Steps

In literal terms, this would mean when the child transits from using it's four limbs to two. It also means the beginning of a new era in the life of that human being. But, looking into a more diverse aspect; it also signifies the start your stroll through a new, unexplored avenue by your human mind. A feature that captures the imagination of many things, in reality, or dream.  It also segments your life to be part of many shades, the Newton wheel if you may refer to.

Newton wheel is a colourful concept. It literally defines your decision and segments of your life as to how you pain them. From the grey patches to the brightly lit yellow; everyone should rewind and revisit their wheel. In Buddhism, it may be referred as the Chakra. In Hinduism, the stages of life. Christianity has its Holy Trinity; for me, it's referring back to my memories. Learning from them has always been interesting and as it is always said, your past teaches you and makes you; some teaching are immortal f…