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Friday, January 20, 2017


The perfect occasion to write a blog, the day when US will be having a new President and the bold voice of Bengal, bolder pre independence; thought of New Age India for Literature, Philosophy and Science dresses up to enter a new century. Presidency University, Kolkata erstwhile Presidency College, Calcutta completes 200 years of existence.

Come to term, the democracy of India enters only 70 years of existence. But the seed of the nation have always been broiling within the still standing pillars of Presidency.

Many books and articles will blunt out the fact of Presi's 200 years, which I wont rant over here. I would like to share how, 14 years ago, it was a matter of immense self reconciliation and win over self confidence after I walked through the alters of this place of excellence. A state owned education system competed with the Delhi based board education. In Kolkata, it was always tough to get through good colleges, due to the abject cut offs set by the authorities that made the competition really difficult at the percentile pace. After finishing my school (K-12, ISC) from Calcutta Boys' School, my mom and myself went frantically searching for colleges and picking forms. My numbers were good, but my certificate board was not. Picking for various combinations of life science (Zoology, Microbiology and Physiology), I was placed somewhere at the waiting list. Later on, this waiting list came to be an eternal friend as in such competition, I waited to get ultimate gateway. Anyways, out of 10 colleges that I applied with the likes of Maulana Azad College (Zoology), Scottish Church (Zoology and MicroBiology), Jadavpur University (Geology and Physics), Asutosh College (Biochemistry and Microbiology), etc; all except Maulana Azad College admitted me.

Still, I had a beautiful wait. Only Presidency College had exam in all subjects and I took the Zoology and Physiology. The day Saint Xavier's pulled out the results, which was solely rejection; I accompanied with my school friend Arunima Sen, went to Presidency College. I had sent my good luck, my mom earlier to check the results. I didnot want to go to Maulana Azad College. And thank God, I kept my hopes alive.

The three years on Presidency (2003-06) sharpened me in all aspects. My skill, social acumen and knowledge. That's why, we all loop into one thing : "Presidencians Never Die. They Come Back to College".

2017 marks the 200th birthday. I miss it, thanks for my other work for which my Alma Mater made me. I wish the coming Century to be more glorious than ever before.

P.C: Somnath Paul, 2006

Somnath Paul Photography


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